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I Love Bingo – Would I Love Slot

by Paul Marion on January 29, 2018

Would I Love slots?

Bingo sites are rightfully known for being focused on bingo, but many are also known for offering awesome slots, scratch cards, and other games as well. This providesd as an opportunity to enhance your gaming and gambling activity, giving you the chance to enjoy some high-stakes play from your own home, via laptop, mobile, or tablet device. Bingo fans, if you enjoy the tickets, you’re sure to enjoy slots as well, because as this review of TitanBet’s slots explains – punters will find plenty to play for on the reels!

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New Online Bingo Rooms – Pros & Cons

by Paul Marion on January 29, 2018

Online bingo is huge, and it is only gaining traction as the weeks and months pass. It’s got a huge following in countries all over the globe, but it’s especially popular in the UK – bingo players don’t have to worry about having to leave their houses and go to a bingo hall to get their kicks. Now, thanks to the Internet, people can play online anytime that they want. However, because the market is so popular, new bingo sites are popping up every day, but this can be a double-edged sword at times.

Online bingo tips

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The History behind Bingo Calls

by Paul Marion on November 3, 2017

Have you ever shouted TWO FAT LADIES? If so, you’ll experience two things, either a slap across the face, or a crowd of people frantically looking at their bingo cards with dabbers in their hands.

Bingo Calls have been used for centuries, and have often being made up of rhymes, idiomatic phrases, popular culture references and popular styles of speech, based on a shared knowledge and understanding.

History of Bingo Calls

They have been traced back to the 1800s when the game became a hugely popular past time with the British navy. In fact, many of the bingo calls we know and love today originated during bingos time with the armed forces.

They often include regimental nicknames, references to Naval personnel going on leave, some of which would dare be spoke again. For example number 76 has the call “Was she worth it?” which is linked to the cost of a marriage license or an evening call followed by bed and breakfast.

Some calls have stuck as the years go on. For example, Burlington Bertie (Number 30) dates back to the Edwardian era.

The bingo experts at have provided some of the strangest bingo calls and their meanings that have been used over the previous years.

Number Nickname Explanation
1 Kelly’s Eye This dates back to military slang, and is a reference to Ned Kelly
3 Cup of tea / You and me Romantic rhymes
6 Tom Mix After Tom Mix, a star of silent Western films
9 Doctor’s Orders “Number 9” was the name of a laxative given out by doctors in WWII
23 The lord is my Shepard These are the first words of Psalm 23 of the Old Testament
26 Half a crown Refers to pre-decimalised currency in the UK
30 Burlington Bertie Refers to the music hall song of the same name from 1900 and a more famous parody written in 1915
76 Was she worth it? This refers to the price of a marriage licence in Britain. Players respond with “Every penny!”
77 Sunset Strip From the 1960s TV series, “77 Sunset Strip”. The theme tune is usually sung by players.



GameVillage Bingo: Experience the fun bingo games

by Paul Marion on September 19, 2016

Playing online bingo has reached a tremendous level of popularity. From a long known history of bingo being played in traditional halls, it has now become one of the popular games online. Players spend hours together on online bingo sites, playing a large variety of games. It is a quick way of earning money while sitting comfortably at home at home. However, to think of it as a means to buy your groceries with is not a viable idea.

Game Village

Online bingo is pure entertainment. The free money you earn while playing these games can be withdrawn, but there are wagering requirements that will have to be met first. Each site has wagering requirements of their own, and all of the terms and conditions related to withdrawals will have to be carefully revised by a player before signing up as a member.

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Sun Bingo Gets Re-Launched with Playtech Platform

by Paul Marion on July 26, 2016

Playtech Announcement Sideswipes Gamesys as 5-Year Deal Clinched

Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo, a popular UK online bingo room, is in the process of migrating its existing players to the Playtech gaming platform. This comes after a highly competitive bid for the patronage of Sun Bingo players by top online providers, Gamesys and Playtech. The deal was confirmed by News UK – the owners of Fabulous Bingo and Sun Bingo gaming products – in late 2015, but only goes into effect next month.

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Play with £50!

by Paul Marion on March 11, 2016

Play at GalaBingo

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The New Bingo Site: BonusBingo

October 21, 2015

We just got word that there’s a new bingo site about to open its doors called Bonus Bingo. This is the first new site of the year to open in the US and Canada and we feel it’s about time. There hasn’t been much in terms of excitement from US and Canadian bingo sites. From […]

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Importance of social features in an online bingo

July 15, 2015

Among the plethora of factors that holds real significance in an online bingo site, social aspects tends to hold the highest importance. Bingo has always been considered as a societal game. It is a multi-player game wherein players are supposed to play along with their bingo mates and accompanied by required diligence in order to […]

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Stay Refreshed With Some Fabulous Bingo Drinks

July 2, 2015

Sitting back in your favourite chair and playing some online bingo is just about the best thing you could do with your leisure time.

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5 Great Ways to play Bingo

November 13, 2014

With so many exciting bingo prizes up for grabs these days, you no longer have to be tied behind your desktop to enjoy one of the world’s favourite past-times. Most of us have heard the stereotype that bingo is some game that’s only played by old people in church basements, so let’s avoid rehashing it […]

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