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5 Things You May Have Not Know About Gala Bingo UK Before

by Paul Marion on August 2, 2011

If you play bingo online, then you know who Gala Bingo is and are probably quite familiar with their specials. But as popular as the gala brand is, we think you’ll enjoy the following tid-bit about the UK’s leading bingo site.

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1 – No Reload Bonus (this is a good thing)

Today, majority of bingo sites offer a free welcome bonus and reload deposit bonuses. Reload bonuses seem to be the norm. But not at GalaBingo.

Though this may not win Gala any popularity votes from free bonus lovers (read our Gala Bingo Review), we think it has several advantages for players as a whole. Gala Bingo is about trust, innovative and unique bingo games, and life changing jackpots.

Player’s who love Gala, are not looking to extend their playtime necessarily but have the chance to win a life changing jackpot and be able to cash out their winning without hassle.

The folks over at are able to do this without diluting their game pots with bonus money and making it much simpler for players to win and cash out without silly wager rule requirements.

2 – £650k payout

We all know you can win huge prizes playing bingo at Gala. But there are big payouts and their are out of this world jackpots. Earlier this year, player “mojo33” hit the massive Alice’s wonderland jackpot and took home £650,000.00 jackpot.

That’s, the biggest single prize winner in UK Bingo.

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3 – Free Bingo Games

The best things in life are free and though Gala Bingo UK doesn’t hand out reload bonuses, they do agree, free bingo games are a great way to reward their members.

Every week, you have the chance to win £1,500 in free bingo games.

7:25pm£120 Battle Link Game**LinkedFree!£10.00£10.00£50£50
8:25pm£120 Battle Link Game**LinkedFree!£10.00£10.00£50£50

**Linked in Castle, Island, Royal, Society and Mountain Clubs Bingo rooms

4 – Gala Employs over 17,000 employees

You might be aware that Gala Bingo is no itty-bitty site, but did you know they employ 17,000 individuals? That’s more people than most sites have as players. Insane. And yet, somehow, Gala Bingo manages to provide personalised customer care services like a small mum and pop shop.

5 – There are 175 Gala Bingo Clubs Across the UK

Gala Bingo is like Tesco, you’ll find one just around the corner. Today, the Gala Group boasts 175 bingo clubs across the UK. That means, if you’re tired of playing bingo virtually, you can just visit the Gala club finder, drop your local address and find the nearest bingo club in your neighbourhood.

Bonus: 400% Free welcome bonus

Bonus, bonus, bonus, bonus …. 400% bonus. That’s what you’ll be pampered with when you join today.

Here’s the math for you: let’s say you make an initial deposit of £5, you’ll get £20 free in bonus, giving you £25 to play and become one of Gala’s next big winners.

If you’re looking to join Gala Bingo, click here to get started to claim your 400% free welcome bonus

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