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5 Tips to Improve Your Odds At Gala Bingo

by Paul Marion on July 15, 2011

Gala Bingo remains one of the UK’s top bingo sites and with some of the net’s largest winners – with a great brand reputation and the power of their land base bingo clubs, Gala attracts bingo lovers across UK.

With attractive bingo prizes and over 15 bingo rooms on their online site, there are plenty of bingo games up for grabs and a lucky winner crowned every 8 seconds.

On one hand, Gala  hosts some of the sexiest guaranteed and pari-mutual bingo pots and the other, these massive bingo pots attract tons of players per game. Surely a dilemma when you’re after that sweet pot!

Gala Bingo Tips

To help you better your odds at scooping up that next gorgeous bingo pot at Gala Bingo, we’ve put together our top 5 tips to improve your odds at Gala Bingo (I also invite you to share you tips below. Please 😉

5 Tips To Improve Your Odds at Gala Bingo

auto purchaseTip #1:  Advance Buy Your Tickets For Late Night Bingo

To attract a players around the clock, Gala Bingo offers late night bingo games – though these games are not as big as primetime games, they do offer you a better chance at scooping multiple wins as the number of players per game are much lower.

At primetime, you can expect an average of 200 player’s per game for prizes on average of £150 per game.

During late night bingo, player’s per game drop down to about an average of 30 player’s per game with an average prize per game of £35 – in terms of value and odds, you have a better shot of winning a descent size pot by playing at night vs. primetime.

share the funTip #2:  Refer Your Friends at Earn Free Bonuses

Gala doesn’t offer reload bonuses like other bingo sites, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn extra bonuses as a member. The easiest way to better your odds and improve your odds, is to invite your friends to Gala Bingo.

You get £10 bonus when your friend signs up and spends £5 – so now do the math, if you get 5 friends to join  you at Gala Bingo, you get £50 quids in bonus.

You can use your extra bonus to max purchase in one of Gala’s primetime event games where though you’re playing against more players, you can better your odds by playing more cards for these games.

Tip #3:  Be More Social and Take Part in Chat Games

Online Bingo is better with friends and when you’re socialising with your fellow roomies. A great strategy of long time online bingo players, taking part in chat is always a top tip for picking up extra Bonuses to further your playtime or improve your odds.

Gala Offers over 16 type of different chat games.

stopTip #4:  Lost 10 games in a row? Stop playing!

How many times have you been playing and hit a horrible losing streak?

It hurts so000 bad – in fact, it sucks! Losing back to back, while you see other lucky players win over and over, is probably the worst feeling bingo players experience. But with a little bit of commitment, and self discipline, you can break out of your funk by simply stopping.

Seriously – there’s no need to continue to play when you’re not having a great day. It’s in your best interest to take a mini break.

  • go for a walk
  • call up your friends for coffee
  • cuddle up to a nice book
  • you can find a new site to try your luckTip #5:  Join the Community of Bingo Vent

Bingo Vent is a brand new bingo community on Facebook that just launched. Simply put, it’s where bingo players, can vent about their losing streak, let out steam and get positive encouragement from fellow community members. We love it!

Now your turn – what are some T!Ps you have. Love to hear your comments below.


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