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8 Questions with “The Bingo Finder”

by Paul Marion on September 10, 2008

As a recently launched UK bingo portal, we at Bingo HQ understand, in order to bring you valuable information about online bingo in the UK, you’ll not only want to learn about the operators, promos, but you might find other bingo review sites valuable.

With that note, today we bring you an interview with Lisa who manages The Bingo Finder Bingo portal. I asked Lisa several questions about “” and bingo in the UK overall. Hope you enjoy!

Paul: What does the “” site provide?

Lisa: is an online bingo portal site that has been put together by bingo lovers for bingo lovers. It’s a place where people of all experiences can come together to learn, review and play online bingo. We have searched the 4 corners of the world wide web to give you the finest online bingo reviews possible.

Paul: When did you launch your uk bingo portal & what has been your most surprising experience thus far?

Lisa: We launched the site in June of 2008. Bingo as a whole is by no means new to us, playing online bingo on the other hand is a different ball game.

We created the site because of the transition we made from traditional bingo halls to online bingo, after snooping around online to explore the realms of the bingo world more we found ourselves slightly lost in a world of endless choice so we decided to put all of our knowledge and efforts into developing a site that would make it easy for other people who are just getting into the fun of online bingo a breeze…

Paul: Any specific tips you have for a new bingo player who wants to make the transition from bingo hall to online bingo?

We would definitely say, don’t be afraid to take chances, online bingo is bags of fun and you can win some pretty fantastic prizes. You can get some pretty fantastic deals when playing online bingo opposed to traditional halls. Some sites will double the first deposit you make with them i.e. you deposit = £30 but you get £60, they’ll then give you a percentage of every other deposit you make and one in particular will even give you 10% cash-back fro life All these perks help increase your chances of winning big and with cards as low as 5p you more than likely to win at some point, and all in the comfort of your own home (we won a LCD TV at one particular site), so, embrace the online revolution…

Paul: Do you play online bingo yourself? If yes, what’s the biggest prize you ever walked away with? If no, which site interests you the most that you’d like to try your chances at?

Lisa: Yes, we play all the time, we need to keep on top of the latest trends so that we can keep our visitors up to date and give them honest reviews. Every time a new site is listed on we have to personally try and test it to give the best review (yes we know, its a hard life).

Paul: Where do you see online bingo in the UK five years from now? Will online bingo slowly die out or will it continue to attract individuals?

I think it will continue to grow as it has over the recent years, although there are a lot of sites popping up now and I think they won’t survive for too long. The online bingo space could become very saturated and in some cases people don’t want too much choice, take watching TV for example, we have 100’s of channels but still find ourselves channel surfing. Only the best will survive giving all us bingo players a better more unique experience, just how it should be….

Paul: Don’t want to over generalize here, but I’ve learned, a big percent of players tend to be superstitious and have some sort of lucky charm. Do you have a lucky charm and what type of luck has it brought you in the past?

Lisa: Weirdly enough, i do. When i buy my bingo cards i tend to try and pick cards that have one particular number on them….33 It usually wins for me too. I’m sure everyone has something similar, or am i just ultra weird?

Paul:Surprise question: what is the largest single uk online bingo jackpot awarded?

Lisa: Is it wrong that i am not 100% sure, all these numbers….Jackpot Joy??

Paul: How does “the bingo finder” help uk bingo players and why should UK players visit your site for reviews?

Lisa: We don’t have a team of people creating review for the sake of creating review, we are keen bingo players who simply want to enhance the experience for new players coming into the online bingo world by answering their questions, the same questions we had when we first started. We personally play and review the sites we list and will only list the safest UK bingo sites.

Paul: That’s about all I’ve got. Thanks for your time Lisa – it’s been great chatting with you!

Lisa: No problem, it’s been great.

Check out the bingo reviews over on “” website.

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