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Beautiful Changes at GalaBingo

by Paul Marion on March 17, 2009

Gala Bingo has always been known for exciting online bingo games and prizes. If there was always one sticky point with Gala, it had to be their bingo room designs. No longer, GalaBingo is now sexier then ever; sporting some fancy new game room designs and new features.


Itching to see the new changes? Head straight to now

Overall, they’ve made some eye-catching changes to gala online bingo rooms. It seems, they’ve been listening to all their user comments: now it will be easier for you to chat, play and win with your mates. Being able to enjoy all of your favourite games at the same time has become stunningly simple!

There latest goodie “windicate” bingo; this is what bingo online should be about, playing with your bingo buddies and celebrating each win amongst friends. Gala Bingo has come up with an interesting concept to reward you and your friends while playing online bingo. See our our previous article on GalaBingo Introduces Windicate.


gala bingo onlineThe new changes gives you more control on your experience at After all, it’s your bingo, you should be able to choose. In order to give you the most out of playing bingo, Gala has given you control over how you view your bingo – and the options are endless!

For example, you don’t want to chat? You got, you can disable chat while playing online bingo. Plus, you can choose to look at your bingo tickets and games that you’re playing or any other combination across the tabs. You can click on the tabs and also choose to drag and drop the tabs.

How about your favourite colour dabber? If you have one, now you can use the ‘Preferences’ tab to change the colour of your screen and bingo tickets, and choose which dabber you use. And now you can control whether to listen to the bingo caller, the music or, if you prefer, select your own music – the choice is yours – Brilliant!

My Message

gala bingo gamesDon’t you hate missing out on those must play bingo games? Well, Gala has made it easy with the new “My Message” feature. You can now be the first to hear about the latest promotions or games with the new messages and alerts. Each time you receive a new message, a small pop-up will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to let you know. But don’t worry you’re in control; as you can also decide which messages you want to receive by selecting ‘Message Types’ from the ‘Preferences’ tab – now you’ll only hear about promotions and games that really interest you. How amazing?

Choose your bingo character

bingo character
Being in control over your own bingo experience wouldn’t be complete without the ability to create your own bingo avatars or characters!

How do you fancy being a celebrity or an astronaut for the day? Well at Gala Bingo you can be whoever you like now with this neat feature.

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