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Best Bingo Sites

by Paul Marion on September 26, 2011

Every month here at Bingo HQ we select the best bingo sites in the UK that offer the best in what online bingo has to offer, ranging from free bonus offers to unique UK Bingo Games.

Lets face it, there are certainly tons of bingo sites out there but which really are the best of the best?

best bingo sites

For instance, if you value free bonuses such as no deposit bingo bonus offers, or free bingo games, your idea of the best bingo sites will be different from another player who values websites who are well established and offer life changing bingo prizes.

On this list, we’re looking at the the Best Bingo Sites in terms of overall online bingo entertainment value. That means, we’ve held these UK bingo sites against the following criteria’s:

  • Free Bingo Bonus Offers
  • Free Bingo Games
  • Variety of bingo games
  • Availability of guaranteed bingo pots
  • Unique Features

Best Bingo Sites

Here’s our top picks for the best bingo sites out there:

  1. Gala Bingo
  2. Tombola Bingo
  3. Wink Bingo
  4. William Hill Bingo
  5. X Bingo

Gala BingoGala Bingo – the best of the best

If you’ve been playing online bingo, then you’ve surely either played or heard from friends about Gala Bingo.

Majority of players are not fond of Gala Bingo because unlike other sites, they don’t throw free bonuses at their players. So how does Gala Bingo make it on top of our list as the best bingo site in the UK?

Free bonuses are not free and always come with a hidden catch, specially when one has won a prize and wants to cash out their winnings. Well, the folks of Gala Bingo don’t have this issue with their players.

When you win, you get to easily cash out since your winnings are not tied to how many times you played through your free bonuses.

Highlights from Gala Bingo:

  • Newbie offer: 200% free bonus on your first deposit. Turn £30 into £90
  • Prizes: £65,000,000 in monthly cash prizes per month
  • 42 non Bingo games
  • 16 x 90 Ball Bingo Rooms
  • 2 x 75 Ball Bingo Rooms
  • 1 x 80 ball Bingo Room
  • 1 x Gala TV Bingo Room

Tombola BingoTombola Bingo – Awarded Best Bingo Sites

Tombola Bingo is like that elite actor that always gets recognised by industry experts for their amazing work. Tombola bingo has been recently recognised as the top bingo site via different bingo panelist.

Tombola like Gala Bingo doesn’t splash that much free bonuses. Instead, they delight their members with life changing guaranteed bingo pots like no other.

Highlights from Tombola Bingo:

  • Newbie offer: 200% free bonus on your first deposit. Turn £10 into £30
  • Prizes: £16,000,000 in monthly average cash prizes just in bingo games
  • Unique Bingo Mate Feature
  • 10 x 90 Ball Bingo Rooms
  • 17 x Cinco bingo rooms
  • 1 x 80 ball bingo
  • 1 x 75 ball bingo

Where Tombola might lack in free bonuses, they make up in unique features such as the playmate feature.

  • You invite a friend to play at tombola
  • They name you as their play-mate when they join
  • If they go on to spend £25 or more you receive a £5 play-mates bonus
  • Every time they win £20 or over you win a £1 play-mates bonus
  • If they win a £50+ jackpot you win a £5 play-mates bonus
  • If they win a £100+ jackpot you win a £10 play-mates bonus
  • If they win a £500+ jackpot you win a £25 play-mates bonus
  • You can invite as many people as you wish

Wink Bingo Wink Bingo – best for Free Bonus lovers

Okay, bonus lovers, don’t feel down because, there’s a leading bingo site out there that does offer you great prizes along with superb free bonuses – Wink Bingo tops our list as one the best UK Bingo sites because they continuously offer their members high paying prizes with awesome bonuses.

Wink Bingo Highlights 

  • Newbie offer: £15 to £1,000 Free welcome bonus via the spin the wheel bonus machine
  • Bonuses: 50% reload bonus on all future deposits + special bingo bonus coupons
  • 8 x 90 Ball Bingo Rooms
  • 8 x 75 Ball Bingo Rooms
  • 20 x side games like Casino and Slots

Wink Bingo also has become one of the top sites n the UK by giving their members a superb range of promos such as a weekly 10% cash back, monthly special guaranteed bingo games and free bingo.
William Hill Bingo

William Hill Bingo – A name you Can Trust

Any leading bingo sites list would be incomplete without the mention of William Hill Bingo – perhaps one of the most complete bingo brands today, William Hill has one of the best layout bingo sites along with a range of games, bonuses and promotions that will spoil any player.

William Hill Bingo Highlights

  • Newbie offer: 250% free bonus, up to £25 free on £10 deposit
  • Bonuses: 50% reload bonus on all future deposits
  • 18 unique bingo rooms ranging from 90 ball to 75 ball rooms
  • 60 x side games like Casino and Slots

William Hill may not get the same love as other top bingo sites since they’re mostly synonymous with other types of gaming services in the UK. But smart  players are slowly flocking to William Hill Bingo for their free bonuses and huge guaranteed bingo games.

xBingoX Bingo – The Best New Bingo Site

How did a brand new bingo site sneak up in a list that features heavy weights like Gala Bingo and Tombola? Well, X Bingo is not your typical new bingo site. As a brand new brand, xBingo has made a huge splash by offering a very attractive deal to their new members:

  • £5 free no deposit bingo
  • 300% free welcome bonus
  • 50% reload bonuses
  • Daily Guaranteed Bingo jackpots ranging from £250 to £1,000
  • 4 x Bingo Rooms: Three 90 Ball and one 75 ball bingo room
  • 30 x Casino and Video Poker Games

There you have it, your best bingo sites in the UK.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the above list. Please leave your bingo review below.

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