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Bingo Card Creator

by Paul Marion on December 28, 2008

Today, there are many ways to enjoy the game of bingo – you can play at your local bingo hall with friends, or join one of the many uk bingo communities online or try something totally different, create your own printable bingo cards and play with friends and family.

Over the years, as bingo has gained popularity, so has the interest in creating your own bingo game using bingo card generators.

There are several good options available today, but if you’re looking to print your own blank bingo cards for educational or for a family get together then be sure to check out Bingo Card Creator.

bingo cards

Bingo Card Creator is a software tool for educators and parents to make custom printable bingo cards for instructional and entertainment purposes. It is available for the PC and Mac OS X platforms


  • Saves you time – Using their bingo card templates, you can print for an entire classroom on your normal computer and printer in mere minutes. Ditch, writing cards by hand, as that takes hours — hours that you could better spend doing what you do best: teaching or playing bingo. 
  • It’s environmentally friendly – you can save paper by printing multiple bingo cards on one sheet of paper.
  • Variety of Games – you can make your own bingo cards with bingo card creator and tailor them to your activities by creating over a dozen themed categories.

The downside:

Just one … the bingo cards are 75 ball style only. 

If you want to create your own custom bingo cards, be sure to check out their free trial so you can see if Bingo Card Creator is exactly right for you. Then when you’re ready to purchase it and download the software on your computer, you get an unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee. 

If you’ve used the bingo card generator or any other type of generator, be sure to link it up in the comment box below.

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