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Bingo Diamond Review

by Paul Marion on November 8, 2011

Bingo Diamond another new bingo site to launch this year in the UK is powered by one of the all time leading gaming software providers, Micorgaming. Like the rest of the 2011 new bingo site class, Bingo Diamond is a new brand that offers monster-size Bonuses.

Bingo Diamond

A close look at this new bingo site

Quick Facts

No Deposit Bingo£15
Free Welcome Bonus200% Free
Reload BonusMin. 25% on future deposits
Minimum Deposit£15
Minimum Withdrawal£50 or more
Bonus Wager Rule3 x Deposit + Bonus
Bingo Rooms5 Bingo rooms
Free Bingo GamesYe
Casino GamesYes
Fair n' Square GamesYes

Key Points You Should Know about Bingo Diamond

Every site has good and bad points and no one site fits the bill with each player’s individual preference. Bingo Diamond like any other sites does somethings very well and some not so good. At the end of day, you get to decide which bingo site is right for you.

Bingo Diamond Pro Perks

Here’s a selection of features that we believe are valuable …

Diamond Bingo Rooms

Gorgeous Bingo Rooms @ Bingo Diamond

Guaranteed Bingo Games

Bingo Diamond offer’s their members some fantastic guaranteed bingo games throughout the month. Here’s a summary of the top games for you …

DateTimePrizeBingo Card Price
End of the Month10pm £10,000£1
End of the MOnth10pm£2000£1
Mon - Wed9pm£50030p
Fri - Sun9pm£50030p
Fri - Sun8pm£25015p
Mon - Thu7pm£20010p
Sat - Sun10am£10010p

Attractive Bingo Progressive

Inside the Friendship & Harmony rooms, you’ll find a very attractive high paying progressive jackpot – though it’s not clear how often the PJP is hit, still nice to see a new bingo site with such an offer.

Fair n’ Square Bingo

We hear it all the times from loyal online bingo players – how come repeat bingo winner’s occur so often when playing online? Our solution would be more Fair n’ Square type games and Bingo Diamond seems to share a similar philosophy.

Good Selection of Side Games

Microgaming leads the way in Casino software so it’s only fitting that Diamond Bingo offers some Vegas like games for your fun filled enjoyment.

Variety of Payment Options

Bingo sites that offer a variety of deposit options rank well here at Bingo HQ – specially bingo sites that accept UKash which is a fantastic way to keep your bingo spending under control vs using credit cards.

The Not So Good …

  1. Withdrawals per account are free, but only 1 per every 7 days
  2. You can’t cash out any winnings before an initial deposit is made
  3. Wager Bonus Rule: 3 x deposit + bonus

We have sites like Which Bingo and other bingo review sites that will never as an editorial highlight any of the negative aspects of a site and that’s what differentiates Bingo HQ vs. the rest.

We believe you should know the good and bad about every site we feature, as we want you to make the best decision for you.

As of writing Bingo Diamond offers very attractive free bonuses but in return what’s not clearly highlighted, they have a very unfriendly wager bonus rule of 3 times your deposit + bonus before you can cash out your winnings.

This is not a player friendly policy – however, if you’re more interested in extending your time and are not too concerned about cashing out winnings quickly, then Bingo Diamond might be an exciting site for you.


UK bingo is extremely competitive and for new bingo sites to break into market requires remarkable features and offers not currently offered by other sites. Bingo Diamond, overall does a good job with:

  • Impressive Guaranteed Bingo Games
  • Exciting Bonuses from beginning and on all future
  • Gorgeous site and bingo room designs
  • Good value overall
  • Fantastic Fair n’ Square Bingo
  • Good selection of side casino games
  • Monster Size Bingo Progressive Jackpots

The only part of Bingo Diamond we hope they reconsider is their position on bonus wager rule.

We understand, when a site offers these type of bonuses, it’s important their bonuses are not abused. That’s a fair point. It’s just that the bonus wager rule requirement is not clearly visible on the Free bonus promo page, which could mislead players who are not completely aware of this policy.

Rightfully so, Diamond Bingo can argue that this is clearly outlined in their terms and conditions – which we say, when was the last time anyone read those pages?

Should you play here or not … yes. Only if you know Bingo Diamond’s position on cash out and bonus wager rules. Besides that, this seems to be an exciting Bingo community.

To learn more, visit

Happy Bingo!

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Ida November 13, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Bingo Diamond is a great site and I’ve been playing here for a few weeks now but didn’t know about their bonus wager rule. So thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Paul Marion November 15, 2011 at 10:15 am

Hi Ida,

Thanks for your feedback and comment. As a result, you’ve qualified for a free £50 cash to play at your favourite online bingo site. I just sent you an email with details. WTG!

beryl gunby December 11, 2012 at 1:30 pm

i would like to thank you for your information, i play on bingo diamond and like the site, only negative is what you mentioned about wagering requirements, i have seen several players getting quite upset at the rules on that and annoyed they havnt been able to get their winnings,lots of players say they never asked for the bonus and had deposited, but wanting to cash out couldnt because of the wagering, i think they should change this also. thank you beryl

Gill Murray March 6, 2013 at 7:21 am

Diamond bingo has to be the best site I have played on, Ch & roomies are brilliant, love playing there .

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