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Bingo HQ Turns Three

by Paul Marion on August 3, 2011

Er, it’s August. Which means the peak of summer – ice cream, kids fighting for your attention, donkey rides on the beach (do people really do that?) and so on. But it also means, Bingo HQ turns three years old this month. How about that?

Since our launch back on 2008 of August, a lot has happened over the years and like any new site in diapers, we’ve surely experienced our ups and down.

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Three years on, we’re now wiser, okay and a bit older. But with age comes knowledge, wisdom and yes a certain level of maturity. This means, it’s time for us to take on more responsibility as a bingo review site and deliver even more goodness to you, such as more bingo reviews, exclusive bingo offers from leading bingo sites and a whole of free prizes for simply being, the fabolous you.

First thing first, we’re going to do a complete make over of Bingo HQ site for you and we’re not talking about just painting the old wall a new colour or replacing an old carpet with a new one. The type of make over we’re talking about is like the one’s you’ve probably seen on the TV show Extreme Home makeover, minus the sobbing story line.

Why you ask?

  1. UK Bingo industry needs a bingo site that puts the bingo player’s need front and centre and not their advertisers (sorry bingo brands)
  2. We believe, Bingo HQ can better connect players with truly great bingo sites and deals than any other site today
  3. Oh and we’re hungry and passionate to become UK’s leading bingo site destination
Thank you for support over the past three years and we’re very excited on the future of Bingo HQ and the difference we can make for bingo players such as yourself.


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