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10 Adorable Bingo Mascots

by Paul Marion on November 25, 2011

bingo mascotsWith over 300 UK bingo sites today, how many sites have a memorable mascot that you just want to grab in your arms and tickle them silly?

Well today, we’ve got a showdown of the cutest bingo mascots and you can comment below which is your favourite of all.

To begin with, what is the role of a bingo mascot?

A mascot has several key roles and they are:

  • To bring excitement to a community
  • Help distinguish a bingo site
  • Be part of promotions
  • Bring luck to players

Bingo Mascots You’ll Love

1. Foxy from Foxy Bingo


2. CB Bear from Cyberbingo UK


3. Skippy from Bingo Mania

skippy from bingo mania

4. Avatar from


5. Bucky from Bucky Bingo


6. Sunny from

Sunny from Costa

7. Cheeky Gal from


8. City the Cat from

city bingo

9. Winky from


10. Mini Rogers from RogersBingo


Now it’s your turn, which of these 10 mascots do you adore? Drop your comments in the box below.

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Paul F. Burgess December 12, 2011 at 9:06 pm

I run Bingo twice a week at our community club house, and just recently added a Ringtailed (stuffed) Monkey as our mascot. He goes home after Bingo with a different family, and a record is kept of his (“activities”) FUN!
But it’s a bit slow catching on. Paul

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