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“Bingo Port” Bingo Guide Review

by Paul Marion on October 21, 2008

At BingoHQ, we have tons of respect for the online bingo uk review site “” – yes, our competitor. Let’s face it, no other bingo couk review site has the amount of reviews and news … and sadly, I can honestly say, Bingo HQ is a dwarf compared to Bingo Port : )

What makes Bingo Port a leading Uk Bingo Guide site?

The founders of claim “no other bingo portal or bingo information site offers the ability to see exactly the action available across the top UK Bingo Sites”. That’s a fair statement. For the most part, they do a good job of constantly monitoring the leading onlinebingo couk and update their bingo jackpots, number of players, current pot and other valuable information right on their home page for you.

Even though it’s not always 100% in real-time, it does give you a good idea as to what fun you can expect from a potential bingo community.

How to best use

Up to now, I haven’t found a true and unbiased review site for the online bingo uk industry and that’s why exists (more on BingoHQ’s phase II later). But, does come close and give them credit for that.

On the left hand side of their site, you can easily select and view one of the 50+ bingo sites reviewed. And it is here where we see the value of bingo port couk: all the key information about a possible site from amount of free bonus available to withdrawal methods.

As BingoHQ evolves, we look forward to competing with BingoPort in order to bring you, the uk bingo player, valuable information,m so you can enjoy the most out of online bingo in the UK.

So head over to Bingo Port UK, and check out some of their recommended top uk bingo communities.

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dave bruce January 22, 2009 at 7:01 am

hi, i wonder if u can help me please..i have been muzzled from bingo port…i was just wondering how long i stay like this(muzzled) its been nearly 2 weeks now??…thanks….dundeecabbie

Paul Marion January 22, 2009 at 12:36 pm

Hi Dave,
your best bet would be to contact bingo port and have them look into your account status. Maybe it’s a computer glitch or perhaps you accidently violated a site policy. Anything is possible…good luck.

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