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Bingocams Promotions

by Paul Marion on January 16, 2012

Recently on Bingo HQ we reviewed Bingocam and while our review on this quirky site was way overdue, we promise to shine more spotlight on the exciting new bingo site of the year!bingocams

You already know Bingocams is one of a kind community that enables you to mingle with other players through your webcam. And you might also know that as a newbie, you get pampered with gorgeous bonuses such as a £5 no deposit bingo and 200% free welcome bonus.

But what else?

Bingocams Promotions

Bingo promos are what make a site sticky – so lets put Bingocams to the sticky-o-meter and see how their promos fair up amongst other leading and new sites in the UK!

Biggie Prizes

This brand new site doesn’t yet dish out biggie prizes like these top 5 bingo sites, but they do offer tons of engaging and engaging promotions instead and some very innovative bonus offers.


Besides their unique software and webcam feature, Bingocams shines with bonus benefits. If you love extended playtime along with fair bonuses plus great value, you’ll really go bonkers over these:

  • No wagering requirements on your withdraw
  • You can also withdraw your bonuses too!

Here’s How:

Traditionally in online bingo, free bonuses which you receive are only aimed to extend your playtime but can’t be cashed out for obvious reasons. However, Bingocams has come up with an innovative policy that gives players such as yourself an opportunity to cash out your bonuses.

Some bonuses offered can be unlocked and will move from bonus to your balance making you eligible for withdraw!

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Bonus Types:

You’ll find two different types of bonuses awarded:

  1. Type 1 – are deposit bonuses such as the 200% free welcome bonus
  2. Type 2 – bonuses that do no require a deposit and are good will bonuses

Even if you make a withdraw, you get to keep your Type 2 bonuses.

Bouncing Bonuses:

Inside every room, you’ll find the popular side game “Bouncing Bonus game” which works like a raffle. Each card / ticket you play represents a raffle.

Throughout the day, Bingocams randomly selects a bingo card and the player that has bought the card to play this exciting game.

You can improve your odds of getting picked by:

  1. Interact with other players via the private chat
  2. Play at least 1 bingo card
  3. Have your webcam on

$1,000 Cash Special

Incorporating a webcam into the overall entertainment experience provides Bingocams an opportunity to truly get creative with their promos. The webcam is there to capture your winning moments which turn out to be very entertaining clips of pure excitement!

Winning Moments

Every month, the fine folks at Bingo Cams, select the funniest / most creative Live win moments and reward the winner £1,000 cash and throughout the month, with two random awards of $500.

bingo cams uk

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