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New Bingo Sites

The New Bingo Site: BonusBingo

by Paul Marion on October 21, 2015

We just got word that there’s a new bingo site about to open its doors called Bonus Bingo. This is the first new site of the year to open in the US and Canada and we feel it’s about time. There hasn’t been much in terms of excitement from US and Canadian bingo sites. From […]


Zeus Bingo, New Bingo Site

by Paul Marion on January 28, 2012

Rumour has it that Rogers Bingo, one of 2011’s most innovative bingo sites will introduce a new site soon called Zeus Bingo. This is exciting news – so far in 2012, the new sites that have launched are all skins of other existing sites, so really we wouldn’t label them new. However, Zeus Bingo maybe […]


The best new bingo sites for 2011

by Paul Marion on October 17, 2011

If you had thought that the online bingo world was gonna take a breather in 2011, you’d be way off the mark. The last year has bought a bumper crop of new bingo sites to the fold, despite the huge number of bingo sites already open. Some have been good, some have been bad and […]


New UK Bingo Sites: Top 3 Sites You Need to Know About

by Paul Marion on September 14, 2011

At Bingo HQ we love new bingo sites. Nothing beats the smell of a brand new site, oozing with freebies, specials and lardy size free bonuses. With Fall here, there are even more bingo sites expected to fall on our laps.   This year, we’ve already seen several new sites enter the UK bingo scene. […]