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Paddy Power Bingo doesn’t need an introduction – everyone in England are familiar the tradition that surrounds the gaming giant. Today, bingo players can enjoy first class bingo experience at Paddy and Bingo HQ helps you find the best promotions and deals possible.

The History behind Bingo Calls

by Paul Marion on November 3, 2017

Have you ever shouted TWO FAT LADIES? If so, you’ll experience two things, either a slap across the face, or a crowd of people frantically looking at their bingo cards with dabbers in their hands. Bingo Calls have been used for centuries, and have often being made up of rhymes, idiomatic phrases, popular culture references […]


Paddy Bingo £40,000 Birthday Bonanza

by Paul Marion on October 23, 2011

Summer days, along with warm days are officially over but one of UK Bingo’s top bingo brands has cranked up the heat on their community with several sizzling October Bingo specials. is celebrating their 5th birthday – that’s 5 years of unbelievable bingo entertainment and we’re super excited about it. Why? Well, when ever […]


by Paul Marion on October 13, 2011

If you’re searching for and trying to get to Paddy Bingo, please note the correct URL for the real paddy bingo games site is Many players make this honest mistake and end up frustrated when looking for the official Paddy Bingo site. We’ve put together this helpful page to easily help you re-direct […]


How To Lower Your Risk Playing at Paddy Bingo

by Paul Marion on August 8, 2011

Okay Paddy Bingo Fans, this one is for you specially – we know how much you love playing online bingo at Paddy, but you might also love to try your luck playing the Paddy Selective Progressive slot games this weekend between Friday, August 12 to Sunday, August 14th. Why you ask?


Paddy Power Bingo Featured Promos

by Paul Marion on July 19, 2011

Hiya, UK bingo fans and a sunny, rainy mishmash of a weathery welcome to this week’s featured bingo promotions post. Just don’t plan that barbecue. Unless it’s in your bedroom. What have we got for you this week from bingo-bongo land? Well, there’s a bit of this, a smattering of that and a whole skip-load of the […]


Guaranteed $3,500 Bingo Event at Paddy Bingo

by Paul Marion on July 18, 2011

Why do all the big cash prizes hosted during the weekend? Well, not anymore, since Paddy Bingo has introduced Guaranteed $3,500 Monday special where you get to play for guaranteed jackpots from 7pm to 11pm inside the Gold Room. The Prizes Include: Every half hour, there will be one big guaranteed jackpot game, which escalates the next […]


Paddy Power Bingo £107,000 Bingo Winner

by Paul Marion on July 10, 2011

You surely don’t get  considered a top online bingo site without offering life changing bingo jackpots – that’s exactly what Paddy Power Bingo does, they award prizes like a £107,000. One lucky Paddy Bingo member who goes by the alias  xjenneedsawin won £107k on the 90 ball escalator at Paddy Power Bingo. That’s one game, […]


Paddy Power Bingo And Your £20 Free Offer

by Paul Marion on July 9, 2011

Paddy Power Bingo, part of Ireland’s biggest and most successful bookmaker brand, Paddy Power is one of UK’s top bingo sites, attracting bingo players from all across Great Britain and Ireland. With it’s rich and successful history, there’s never a dull moment playing bingo at Paddy. Immediately from the get go you’ll fall in love […]


Paddy Power Bingo St. Patrick’s Day Special

by Paul Marion on March 14, 2009

If there’s one place to play online bingo on St. Patrick’s Day, it will have to be at the Irish Paddypower Bingo site, the winner of the 2008 best newcomer bingo site. The folks over from Paddy Power have put together a series of specials for your enjoyment starting from Saturday, March 14th: 1 x […]