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Online Bingo Tips

Whether you want to improve your bingo odds or learn how you can discover great new bingo sites, you’ll find various tips and suggestions below from the helpful Bingo HQ Team.

Joy Gem VIP Club

by Paul Marion on February 20, 2012

Tired of playing on multiple bingo sites with different loyalty status? Well, thanks to the team of Joy Bingo, there’s a new program called, the “Joy Gem VIP Club” that promises to make cumulating loyalty points easier.


Online UK Bingo

by Paul Marion on November 26, 2011

At Bingo HQ, we love to pamper you. It’s a sort of a massage and aromatherapy session all wrapped up in a bit of bingo. But we go further – like with more helpful guides for players interested in Online UK Bingo. So, if you prefer getting pampered with extra bonus to having a sharp stick poked […]


UK Bingo Calls – Your Complete List of Bingo Terms

by Paul Marion on October 20, 2011

90 Ball bingo also know as UK Bingo, has very distinct bingo calls when compared to traditional 75 ball bingo. Where in 75 ball bingo, numbers are simply counted as B1, B2, O 65, but the UK Bingo call is slightly more cheeky and fun. Below you’ll find a list of the complete UK Bingo […]


Repeat Bingo Winners in Online Bingo

by Paul Marion on October 15, 2011

Nothing hurts more while playing online bingo and you hit an unlucky loosing streak. Then to add insult to injury, you see a couple of players win, over and over while you continue getting stuck on 2 TG and 1 TG cards – grrrrr. Repeat Bingo Winners or also known as same winners bingo – how do […]


How to Play Bingo – Beginner’s Guide

by Paul Marion on September 20, 2011

You probably seen an advert on the tele from a bingo site introducing you to the world of online bingo. Maybe, a friend keeps on raving about how much blast they’ve been having playing bingo online and winning huge bingo game pots. Maybe you’re tired of playing bingo 1.0 (that would be bingo at your […]


Want More Bingo Wins?

by Paul Marion on August 23, 2011

A warm and sunny welcome to you – actually more like a cozy, raining summer day to you. What happened to our Summer Sun? Though we don’t have any tips or suggestions to help you wether the rainy days, we do have some valuable tips to help you Bingo more often at your favourite online bingo sites. Tips, tips, […]


Top 5 UK Online Bingo Sites

by Paul Marion on July 23, 2011

You work hard for your money and your time is very precious to you – trying to find best UK online bingo site that a) provides you great value and b) will be fun and rewarding is very important to find the bingo site that’s right for you and one that will give you great […]


Variety of Bingo Games at Leading UK Bingo Sites

by Paul Marion on July 8, 2011

With greater competition amongst UK online bingo sites today, bingo players such as yourself are benefiting from very exciting bingo offers and different types of games. Here’s a recap of some of the current bingo games offered today across leading bingo sites in the UK. Type of Bingo Games Bingo 75 The traditional style of […]


Bingo Card Creator

by Paul Marion on December 28, 2008

Today, there are many ways to enjoy the game of bingo – you can play at your local bingo hall with friends, or join one of the many uk bingo communities online or try something totally different, create your own printable bingo cards and play with friends and family. Over the years, as bingo has gained […]


How to Play Online Bingo

by Paul Marion on October 9, 2008

Choosing to play bingo online in the UK is super-easy as there are numerous British Bingo sites online that offer a click-away to bingo, chat games and bingo jackpots right from the comfort of your home. Since the land base bingo hall smoking ban back on July 1st 2007, Britain has seen an explosion in […]