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Do You Make This Mistake When You Play Bingo Online?

by Paul Marion on October 2, 2011

Hiya Bingo HQ fans and a giant daffodil of a welcome to this Sunday Times Bingo tip.

OK, let’s get a bit serious just for a moment. We at Bingo HQ recognise that, for a small group of people, playing bingo might be a problem that adversely affects their personal lives and the lives of those closest to them. For most people, playing bingo is an enjoyable leisure activity. For a small percentage of the population, it’s a problematic behaviour.

play with ukash

Here’s why – playing bingo online is easy and sometimes too easy. You pick out the site you want to play, you take your credit card out and load your account with money that you can use to purchase bingo cards for the thrill of hitting that mighty Bingo!

That’s online bingo in a nutshell and this simplicity of playing bingo and using your credit cards is a mistake many players make that eventually lead them to trouble:

  • Over spending
  • Exceeding their budget
  • Cumulating credit card debts
Here at Bingo HQ we’re advocates of responsible gaming, so it’s no surprise we recommend to our players to look for bingo sites that accept Ukash; as you get to have more control on how much you spend playing online bingo.

How to Use Ukash To Keep You Safe

By using Ukash, you can keep your credit cards and bank details away from bingo operators. With Ukash, you simply turn your money to Ukash Vouchers that give you control on how much you spend as each voucher has a set amount.

It’s a perfect alternative option to help you keep you away from cumulating credit cards or depeleting your checking account balance.

The other perk of using Ukash for playing online bingo is that it eliminates compulsive behaviour which is perhaps one of the dangers of any gaming activity.

Luckily with Ukash, once you have used up the balance on your Ukash Voucher, you have to go through the entire loading steps again; by visiting a retail certified Ukash shop.

To sum it up, Ukash is a great option for online bingo because:

  1. It helps you better manage your bingo budget
  2. It keeps your bank and credit card information away from online use
  3. Eliminates compulsive behaviour
In a nutshell, it helps you stay under control so you can continue to enjoy your favourite past time without every putting other areas of your life in danger.

Bingo Sites That Accept Ukash

More and more sites are now offering Ukash as a reliable depositing method. Here’s a short list of our top picks:

  1. William Hill Bingo
  2. Wink Bingo
  3. Landmark Bingo
  4. Tasty Bingo
  5. Bingo Street
  6. Red Bus Bingo
Here’s the complete list of bingo sites that accept Ukash.

New to Online Bingo?

Thinking about joining the world of online? Just to show how generous we are and what dang, good chaps and chapettes we are, we’ve put  together this helpful guide how to play bingo online.

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