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Foxy Bingo Top Adverts of All Time

by Paul Marion on September 6, 2011

foxy bingoFoxy Bingo was one of the first “UK Bingo” sites to take their brand  on the Tele with creative and remarkable adverts.

Today, Foxy Bingo continues to produce engaging adverts while keeping true to their main man Foxy as the lead. Since the first advert five years ago, Foxy has received a slight makeover and has transformed into one furry, cuddly character who always seems to be surrounded by tons of beautiful women.

As a bingo review site, we thought it would be good fun to curate a list of our favourite Foxy Bingo adverts over the past five years for you.

Let us know what you think of these and which is your favourite one of all.

Foxy Bingo Tv Advert

Foxy Bingo’s Famous We are Family Advert

Arguably one of the most memorable UK bingo adverts of all time.

Foxy Bingo’s 2010 Sing off Advert

To celebrate Foxy’s 5th year anniversary, Foxy got down signing in another memorable and electrifying bingo advert.

Foxy Bingo’s 1st Commerical from wayback in 2005

For being one of the first brands to launch a TV advert, this classic 30 second piece has all the memorable gestures that made it a sticky commercial – the music and Foxy. You can’t go wrong.

Your Turn

Let us know what’s your all time favorite foxy bingo advert


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