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by Paul Marion on August 2, 2011 days are better than others. Like Saturday is better than Sunday. Friday is better than Thursday. Then there’s Tuesday. On first thought, you’re thinking how is Tuesday better than any other day of the week? Maybe Mondays, but that’s it. Well, you may be right, but those who play bingo at feel different.

You see, their Tuesday is different from the average bingo player’s Tuesday.

You tell me, if you’re favourite bingo site offered you the chance to play for a £2,500 guaranteed bingo game on Tuesday, would that change your perception that Tuesday’s are now all of a sudden a great day?

I think we both know the answer to that one 😀 … got you!

Here’s what you need to know …

£2,500 Guaranteed Breakdown

  • Prize: £2,500 guaranteed bingo game
  • Time: 9pm
  • Ticket Cost: only £0.25 per ticket

Okay, £2,500 is great, but what else can I find at Foxy Bingo?
Wow, if two thousand quid doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you may enjoy Foxy Radio event, where you’ll have a chance at scooping up £100 every 10 minutes.

It pays to play bingo at Foxy and also listen to the Foxy Radio.

Now, the rest is up to you …

So, a big whoopee for Tuesdays at Foxy Bingo!  If you’re already a Foxy Bingo member, then visit foxy now and enjoy.

If you’re a newbie and would like to join, then just click here to open an account and you’ll get started with a £20 free welcome bonus.

Good luck and have fun!

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