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Gala Bingo Online Birthday Blowout

by Paul Marion on October 17, 2011

At UK Bingo HQ, we love a party. Balloons. Confettis, ice cream party hats and so on. But we don’t like organising them. Heavens god. So we’re super excited that Gala Bingo ( see our Tip on Gala Bingo) after 2o years in the business of bingo entertainment is still humble enough to host their own birthday bash.

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Complete details on Gala Bingo Birthday Bash

You see, Gala Bingo turned 20 this October. Of course not the Gala Bingo Online, they’re only seven years but then again, in internet years that’s like a gazillion years old. To celebrate this milestone, Gala Bingo is doing what it has done well for the past twenty odd years, spoil you with tons of cash splashing excitement.

On October 19th to be exact, the bingo party is on and if you’re in the mood for a bit of excitement and £20,000 in prizes, then put on your party hat and head over to Gala Bingo for what surely be a memorable experience.

New to Gala Bingo Online

Gala Bingo not only knows how to throw a party, but they can roll a red carpet as good as any other bingo site. As a newbie to Gala Bingo online, you’ll be greeted with open arms and a whopping 200% free welcome bonus. In other words, if you make an initial deposit of £20, you’ll get £60 back in bonus, giving  you £80 to play with.

How’s that for a welcoming bonus?

If you don’t have a good time at Gala Bingo, you can tell our mums. Does this sound more fun than a squirty-cream bath or what?

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