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Gala Bingo Online Makes Splash with Obama Bingo

by Paul Marion on January 15, 2009

Which other internet bingo site in the UK could make such a splash? That’s right, only the folks over from Gala Bingo Online. Known for originally kicking off the first celebrity endorsement in online bingo with Sharon Osbourne. Now it’s Barack Obama’s British stepmother that gala has worked out a deal with to launch the online bingo game called “Mrs Obama’s Online Bingo” in honour of Obama’s inauguration.

But there’s a key difference between the sponsorship of Kezia Obama and Sharon Osbourne – the partnership with Mrs. Obama is aimed at raising £1 million for Sue Ryder Care, which helps people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Obama Bingo

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About the Mrs. Obama game at Gala Online Bingo:

The game went live on January 14 and will operate until January 23. Gala Bingo will donate 10p from every £1 spent on the game to Sue Ryder Care.

Obama’s step mother, a keen bingo player, 67 had this to say about her partnership with Gala Bingo Online:

“I am delighted to help raise funds for the Sue Ryder Care charity. It is a really positive way of celebrating Barack’s inauguration.”

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