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Gala Bingo Reveals How to Be Luck in Bingo in 2010

by Paul Marion on January 13, 2010

By now, all of UK have heard of the online bingo community – one of the top three online bingo sites in the UK today with their amazing game offers, multi rooms, and out of this world jackpots. But that’s not all Bingo Gala is known – they’re amongst the finest when it comes to quirky promos and press releases related to bingo and other gaming activities.

Well, this one just came into our inbox via Lesley Hall who is the PR Manager of the Gala Coral Gambling division:

Brits will be making their own luck in 2010, according to new research revealed today by leading online bingo site,

With a whopping 91 per cent of the nation hoping this year will be luckier than 2009, galabingo has discovered 84 per cent of us will be using the power of thought and a positive mental attitude (PMA) to help make 2010 a lucky year.

Top Ten Lucky Charms


Lucky Person


Charm given to you by someone you love


Lucky number




Lucky penny


Lucky underpants


Four-leaf clover


Lucky socks


Horse shoe


Rabbit’s foot

The site, which pays out more than £65million per month, undertook the research to explore how the UK was preparing to be up on its luck in 2010.

The most positive regions of the UK were Northern Ireland, followed by the South West and East Anglia. And, with a result six per cent above the UK average, it seems the over 50’s will be the most likely to use confident thinking to influence their luck.

What do you believe brings you luck


Touching wood


Finding a penny


Seeing  a shooting star


Making a wish on a roast turkey wishbone


Throwing salt over your shoulder


Saluting a magpie


Wishing on a loose eyelash


Seeing a black cat


Bird droppings falling on us


Catching dandelion seeds in the breeze

But however much we’re going to be ‘thinking ourselves lucky’, it seems we’re still a superstitious lot. When exploring which charm we would put our faith in, it seems a lucky person, followed by a lucky charm bracelet and popular lucky numbers are the top contenders.

And it seems more Brits have a pair of lucky underpants than the more traditional lucky charms of four-leaf clovers, horse shoes and rabbit’s foot!

We’re also still succumbing to the old wives tails of touching wood, picking up pennies and wishing on lucky stars to help make 2010 a great year. Unbelievably one in 10 of us are even happy to have bird droppings fall on us for luck!

Meanwhile, it seems we’re a bunch of hopeless romantics with 52 per cent citing meeting their partner as the luckiest thing to happen to them.

Luckiest people


Northern Irish




South Coast of England





We also believe in the “luck of the Irish” with the Northern Irish topping the luckiest people poll followed by the cheeky cockneys.

But how can we make sure that 2010 is our luckiest year? BBC3’s psychologist, Felix Economakis, has worked with gala bingo to develop a formula for good luck in 2010.

Felix Economakis, said: “With 84 per cent of us already thinking positive this year, we’re on to a winning formula.  Although we’re a superstitious lot, there is no real mystery to ‘thinking yourself lucky’ in 2010. A luckier life is achievable for us all.  Having a positive mind set will enables us to keep an open mind. Grabbing opportunities as they arise, keeps us looking on the bright side when bad things do happen.”

He added: “We need to get better looking at what’s right and what’s good in our lives, rather than focusing on what’s missing or what’s wrong. If we look for bad luck then we will always find it!”

Being luckier all year = PMA + (365 X -N) + (52 X R) + (12 X +N)

PMA develop a positive mental attitude to life.  -N become less negative to little everyday occurances (one a day, all year long).

R take time to reflect on the week and to think about things.  Make it a new year’s resolution to allow 15 minutes each week to stop and let your mind mull over the past few days. You’ll find ideas and memories will pop into your head that enable you to take more chances and invite luck your way.

+N once a month make an effort to try new things and explore new places – even if it’s just doing the weekly shop in a different supermarket. Accept the next unexpected offer, or even invite neighbours you’ve never got to know properly in for a new year’s drink. You never know what’s around that next corner!

Lesley Hall, online PR manager at, said:

“Working with Felix and developing the ultimate winning formula has been fascinating.  We hope 2010 will be a winning year for all of our players!”

For more information about this release, you may contact:

Lesley Hall

Online PR Manager

T: +44 (0)1483 718326

F: +44 (0)1483 722141


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