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£11,000 Guaranteed Bingo Event at Galabingo UK

by Paul Marion on July 4, 2011

gala bingo eventWhen the net was in diapers, bingo in the UK was ruled by Gala Bingo Clubs – today, even though with the UK online bingo scene booming with tons of new bingo sites and old reputable brands, Gala Bingo clubs are still around and as exciting as before.

So it’s no surprise that Gala Bingo UK has brought back the popular “Battle of the Gala Clubs” – but this one is based on their bingo online clubs (not their land base halls)

Here’s How it Works:

Basically, you’ll play the jackpot linked game with a guaranteed win for 1 line bingo, 2 lines & Full House. Let’s say, a lucky member calls ‘Full House’ from your Gala Club,  you’ll win a share of the Battle of the Clubs Jackpot and you could join the many Gala Bingo Winners!

Monday8:45pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000
Monday9:15pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000
Tuesday8:45pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000
Wednesday8:45pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000
Thursday8:45pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000
Thursday9:15pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000
Sunday8:45pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000
Sunday9:30pm£1k Battle Link Linked*5p£100 £100 £400 £400 £1000

Which Gala Clubs are Participating?

  • City
  • Country
  • Seaside
  • Castle
  • Royal
  • Sharon
  • Station
  • Mountain
  • Society
  • Dreams
  • Island
  • Amazon
  • Coral

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