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by Ian on February 3, 2009

guest blog postThis week, we’ve got guest blogger Ian from Although bingo players tend to stick to playing bingo online, there are players who enjoy the occasional poker or casino game. And for that, we have Ian an expert in poker to describe how to play poker. Enjoy.

Poker Variants

Straight Poker is the form of poker you will most commonly find described in books. It is the basic game from which all other variations of poker are derived. There are however numerous other forms of poker which have grown up over the years, and although many are rarely played a few still remain popular.

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Texas Holdíem / Holdíem / Five Card Stud
Texas Holdem is the most common version of poker played in casinoís and in poker tournaments these days. It is potentially possible to have anything from 2 to 23 players, but itís nomally played with between 8 and 11. The dealer deals 2 hole cards to the players, and a first round of betting is played. Three cards are then dealt into the centre as community cards (this is the flop). Again a round of betting takes place before a fourth card is dealt to the centre. A third round of betting and a fifth card is dealt before a final round of betting. No ante is called for in Texas Holdíem, but blinds are normally played instead. Betting rules within Holdíem are the same as for standard poker. The best five card hand must be made by each player from their two hole cards, and any three of the community cards.

Draw Poker
Like with straight poker, each player is dealt five cards. However here the game changes as the players have the chance of discarding as many of their initial cards as they chose to, and replacing them with new cards dealt from the pack. Draw poker was designed to allow more rounds of betting to take place, and a speedier game. After the discard round, betting and play continues as normal.

Seven card Stud
This is played in a very similar manner to Holdíem poker, but all the cards are dealt to individual players rather than as community cards. 2 cards are dealt as the hole to each player, and then in between betting rounds, each of the following five cards are dealt one per person per round. Cards three to six are dealt face up, but card seven is dealt face down. A final betting round takes place, and then the showdown follows. Players must make the best five card hand that they can from their own seven cards.

Books such as ëThe Complete Hoyleí go on to describe other variants, but it is rare to see these played today. All variations of poker are considered to be gambling games, and in all of them the object of the game is to win the game and therefore the pot of money which has been bet during that game. Casinoís will set limits on bets and many will have tables of various different levels. It can often be noted that as the stakes increase, so often does the level of skill at the table, so if you are comfortably winning at a $5 table moving up to a table with a higher stake limit may well push the skills that you will need.

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Jesse Goodin February 3, 2009 at 9:15 pm

Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

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