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How BingoMania UK is Wowing Players and Very Few Players Know About It

by Paul Marion on June 22, 2012

At times, there’s way too much noise in the online bingo world. Some created by big brands and their adverts and the buzz of whenever a new bingo launches. Somewhere in between the noise we recon their are hidden gems like BingoMania UK that very few players know about.

Very quietly is going about their business of wowing their loyal players with features not found on any other site. Here are 5 amazing reasons we believe Mania is a hidden gem every UK bingo player needs to know about.

 BingoMania UK

1 – Free Bonuses With No Silly Bonus Wager Rule

One of the appeal of new bingo sites is they’re known for splashing tons of free bonuses. Seasoned players know, big brands like Gala Bingo UK, Tombola and the Jackpotjoy brands are synonomous for biggie prizes but stingy free bonuses.

Then there are the new sites that launch that splash unbelievable amount of free bonuses. As covered in our beginner’s guide to online bingo, majority of sites that offer free bonuses tend to have what’s known as bonus + deposit wager rule. In short, you have to wager your bonus + deposit x number of times before you can qualify for a withdrawal of your winnings.

You see, at BingoMania, you’ll receive gorgeous bonuses without all that nonsense:

  • £10 Free No Deposit Bingo
  • 200% Free Welcome Bonus
  • Min. 50% Reload Bonuses
  • 50% Bonus Rebate on every deposit
  • Chat Free Bonuses
BingoMania Offer

2 – Bonus Rebate

We love innovative features that give you more extended playtime. With every deposit, not only you receive a deposit free bonus, but you’ll receive an additional 50% of your deposit amount in the form of bonus rebate.

Here’s How It Works

  1. Each time you deposit, you’ll receive a minimum 50% reload bonus
  2. PLUS another 50% bonus known as deposit bonus rebate
  3. You’ll receive you’re minimum 50% reload bonus instantly.
  4. Then, when your deposit falls below £2 and you have not requested a withdrawal, just click on the “Rebate” button and you will receive another whopping 50% of your deposit back in bonus!
  5. In essence, BingoMania gives you a minimum 100% reload on every deposit. Now that’s what we call pampering you with love and bonus-a-licious goodies.
Now that’s fab!

3 – Multiple Bingo Room Play

Most sites have at least 2 bingo rooms. But you can’t always play in both at the same time. Not sure why many communities have this restriction. Fortunately, Mania doesn’t restrict you. So you can easily have double the fun and excitement while playing in 2 or more rooms at a time.

4 – Beautiful Games & MegaJackpots

You know those big Mega Jackpots with million pound prize pool and with popular themes such as Monopoly, Cleopatra and Jeopardy on popular sites like Gala Bingo and William Hill? Well, you’ll find these games at BingoMania too.

Gorgeous George

Plus, Mania is powered by Parlay Bingo, one of the user friendly bingo softwares out there with beautiful graphics and selection of games.

5 – Exciting Promos

Though you can’t tell by their bingo schedule page, there’s tons of fun and exciting sessions throughout the day. From fair n’ square to 1 TGs to colossal hourly Full House and Coveralls. In our opinion and based on our research, Mania has one of the more vibrant and fun-filled themed sessions.

With all honesty, we think you’re going to love BingoMania. Do check them out for yourself with a £10 free no deposit bingo and let us know below what you thought of their community.

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