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How to Protect Yourself Playing Bingo Online

by Paul Marion on August 5, 2011

OK, let’s get a bit serious just for a moment.

We at Bingo HQ recognise that, for a small group of people, gaming might be a problem that adversely affects their personal lives and the lives of those closest to them.

game care tip

For most people, gaming is an enjoyable leisure activity. But, for a small percentage of the population, it’s a problematic behaviour.

Similarly, shopping, drinking alcohol, eating and physical exercise are a few other examples of otherwise normal activities that, if unmanaged, abused or used as a mechanism to escape everyday problems and inner conflicts, can become a problematic activity.

As a bingo review site, we believe we have a responsibility as the bingo sites we write about, promote responsible gaming and ensure the delivery of gaming services in a socially responsible environment.

Must be 18!

This one is more about keeping your family safe. To prevent underage munchkins getting access to your favourite  UK bingo sites, you can setup parental-control filtering engines, using google safe search.

Here are a few additional parental control filtering devices that you can use to protect your little one’s accessing naughty and very mature sites like where you play bingo 🙂


Know your limit

This one is directly for you – Managing your bankroll responsibly is the best way to enjoy the wagering opportunities available in online bingo, while not getting in over your head.

To help you keep track of your bankroll, first, be sure to look for UK online bingo sites that  offer you the option of setting monthly spending limits, opting-out of certain wagering products or even blocking yourself entirely from all wagering at the site.

Here are a couple of sites that are very committed to responsible gaming:

  1. Gala Bingo UK
  2. Wink Bingo


If you are unsure if you have a gambling problem and would like to test yourself, here in the UK there are several trusted parties that can help you out.

game care

GamCare is the leading provider of information, advice, support and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

GamCare takes a non-judgemental approach to gambling. We do not wish to restrict the choices or opportunities for anyone to operate or engage in gambling opportunities that are available legally and operated responsibly.

Another organisation in the UK that can help you, is Gamble Aware:

Gamble Aware aims to provide the facts about gambling in an accessible manner. We promote responsible gambling only, and support initiatives that help prevent gambling from becoming a problem and minimise gambling-related harm.

Help is just one click away

If you do feel you have a gambling problem and would like to seek help, we recommend the following additional organisations:

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