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I Love Bingo – Would I Love Slot

by Paul Marion on January 29, 2018

Would I Love slots?

Bingo sites are rightfully known for being focused on bingo, but many are also known for offering awesome slots, scratch cards, and other games as well. This providesd as an opportunity to enhance your gaming and gambling activity, giving you the chance to enjoy some high-stakes play from your own home, via laptop, mobile, or tablet device. Bingo fans, if you enjoy the tickets, you’re sure to enjoy slots as well, because as this review of TitanBet’s slots explains – punters will find plenty to play for on the reels!

The Perfect Pairing

Bingo and slots are great complements to each other. Bingo is perfect for sociable people, as it’s usually featured in a social setting like a chat room. Jackpots are offered, but the experience is what players seek out. Bingo games can be very quick, but they can also take time and focus. They usually start at certain times, as bingo is a game that relies on having a group of players as well as the “Bingo Caller” that shouts out numbers. However, it is possible at most sites for players to purchase their tickets to a game in advance.

Slot games are also entertaining and quick, but they can be played at any time and are usually a solo endeavor – it’s essentially just you and your device. Slots are fast games that are usually high stakes – higher than bingo – and can be great ways to pass the time between playing bingo games.

Step for Step Promotions

Bingo sites are literally overflowing with promotions, especially if they’re popular, well-trafficked sites. Look out for offers for Bingo and Slots, where you can boost your deposits and get freebies by the bucket load. These offers will change every so often, so keep an eye on the promotions tab of any site for deals, huge jackpot giveaways, and promo codes. Bingo sites especially enjoy treating players for birthdays and holidays, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for promotional emails as well, as nothing quite beats a seasonal promotion.

Regular Slots and Jackpot Slots

Slots have jackpots – this is pretty common knowledge – but what makes regular slots and so-called jackpot slots different? Regular slots are also known as non-progressive jackpot slots, meaning that their top prizes are a fixed number. They are always worth the same, no matter how often or how many times that jackpot is won. These slots usually have prizes that are lesser than progressive jackpot games. Often, the top prize that you can walk away with on a regular slot is fixed on the amount you wager. For instance, you may come across a slot with a jackpot of 500x your stake – so if you win, it will always be worth that figure, no matter what you’ve wagered.

Jackpot slots (or progressive jackpot slots) are different in that the jackpots shift and aren’t fixed in the slightest. Instead, the jackpots are dependent on players betting and increasing the jackpot in size and amount. These prizes can be worth potentially tens of millions, unlike regular jackpots. When the big prize is won, it disappears, and returns back to a default amount that will again build up as players bet on the game. These can be played via a network across several casinos, so the max jackpot may even be won at a different casino. In many ways, jackpot slots are like a rollover bingo prize pot, in the sense that it’ll just keep growing until somebody is able to win it.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy the opportunity that bingo and slots can offer by signing up for a site that allows you to mingle and socialize with other players, or take advantage of the instant excitement and massive jackpots that online slots have to offer. You’ll often find your favorite bingo games and exciting slot games housed in the same place, allowing you to conveniently and easily manage your scores and your winnings – at the best online bingo sites, you can have it all and then some!

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