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New UK Bingo Sites: Top 3 Sites You Need to Know About

by Paul Marion on September 14, 2011

At Bingo HQ we love new bingo sites. Nothing beats the smell of a brand new site, oozing with freebies, specials and lardy size free bonuses. With Fall here, there are even more bingo sites expected to fall on our laps.

new UK bingo sites


This year, we’ve already seen several new sites enter the UK bingo scene. There are 3 websites that stand out so far from the rest of the crowed and if you’re looking to shake off your unlucky streak, you can’t go wrong with these spanking new UK bingo sites.

Truth is, your not exactly spoilt for choice. But the following three brands will sure be a refreshing experience from the established sites.

ibingo ukBingo Is Now Possible on your iPhone, thanks to iBingo

Thanks to the brand new site, iBingo, you can now take your bingo where you go. Imagine, long, slow ques can now be turned into a happy moment with playing bingo and connecting with your friends online. Just be warned, if you start doing the funky chicken dance in public, you may get a few raised eyebrows.

You’re best bet is to leave your funky chicken winning dance for when you’re playing bingo on from the privacy of your home.

Why you’ll love iBingo:

  1. You can play bingo online or on your mobile
  2. £15 free no deposit bingo
  3. 200% free bonus welcome offer and up to 400% free reload bonus

xbingo £5 FreexBingo, Bingo out of this World

xBingo is the new and fun online community launched as a brand new site that looks to  hold its own ground against the established bingo sites with their overall great value offers.

When you join, you’ll immediately fall in love:

  1. Tons of free bonus-a-licious goodies: like £5 no deposit bingo, 300% free welcome and 50% reload bonuses
  2. Player Avatar: Since xBingo is bingo out of this world, you’ll need a player avatar. When you join, you can select a fun pre-designed avatar that matches your personality.
  3. Lardy size Guaranteed bingo games: ever single day. Ranging from £250 to £1,000 guaranteed.

wonder bingoWonder Bingo – The Facebook of Bingo

Wonder Bingo, who is powered by the Parlay bingo entertainment software stands out from other bingo sites for several key social gaming features. We all know bingo is most fun when you claim a bingo prize. But we also know that, sometimes we hit those stinky unlucky streaks and can’t win a bingo at all. Fortunately, at you’ll find several rewarding features that help making bingo whether winning or not enjoyable.

As a member of Wonder Bingo, you’ll love:

  1. Experience Points:  you earn XP points for simply participating and completing few actions that you would normally do on a bingo site such as refer friends friend and playing bingo, but at WB, you get rewarded for these actions.
  2. Wonder Wheel: each time you move up a level as a player, you unlock 16 virtual gifts which you can share with your friends
  3. Freebies: a £5 no deposit bingo, 200% welcome bonus and 50% reload bonuses

Get suggestive – Your Turn

Shake off your shyness, cos the comment Box below is open. This is your chance to help other peeps,  leave comments about your favourite brand new bingo site.

As always, all comments are welcome except naughty rude ones  − although, if you’ve tried one of these brand new sites and they’ve been bad and you want to bash them, you can use the medium to vent your spleen (eugh). Then we’ll be sure to work with the site in question to make it right for you.

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