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BingoMania Progressive Keeping on Growing

OMG, Bingo Mania one of the longest running online bingo sites in the US has been babysitting one massive progressive, currently at $84,420.46 and growing … it’s nearing $90,000 and on its way to reach the $100,000 mark. This is unheard of when you think of bingo sites and progressives. You see this type of progressive jackpots over at casino sites.


Just 20 days ago when we first broke the news on the growing BingoMania progressive, it was at $73,000 … in a couple of weeks the PJ has beefed up by another 10k.

The BIG question is when will the remarkable progressive be hit? And most importantly who will be the lucky bingo player that walks away with $84,000+ in cash prize?

Wow, is all I can say and can’t wait to see who wins this biggie. Good luck. Be sure to check out today.

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