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Online Bingo: Bingo player welcomes ban on smoking

I am writing in regard to a news report about the state’s smoking ban lowering bingo profits.

I along with three or four friends attend bingo in the following counties: Indiana, Cambria and Westmoreland. I disagree with this report.

What really hurt all the fire companies was the $4 per gallon gasoline the past few months, our economy and businesses shutting down and laying off people.

We attend bingos weekly and nightly. I feel I have rights the same as the bingo players who smoke.

At all bingos these people are given five- and 10-minute breaks to go smoke outside. What is wrong with this? All those years we had to sit in bingo halls and deal with their second-hand smoke. After losing my mother and dad and also a sister to cancer, I am concerned about my health.

Our attendance was low at times, but what do you expect after a bad winter, icy roads and severe cold weather. I want to make a point. The fire companies have super bingos monthly. You have to go early to get a seat. The fire companies take out their firetrucks and park them outside to make room for more bingo tables to accommodate bingo players.

So you see our fire companies are still holding bingo games. I feel this smoking ban at all fire halls, as well as public places, will help bingo players in the end to be healthier. After all it is the law.

All I can say to you smokers is to get over it. This is the law. Nothing was said when all these years you smokers blew smoke in our faces. Our clothes smelled so bad after leaving bingo, not saying how it affects our health.

Written by Leota Messina

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