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Smoking Ban’s Impact on Bingo Halls and Fire Halls

bingo playerAnother interesting news how the ban of smoking has an impact no land base bingo halls, and this is in the States. Here in the UK, the smoking ban certainly had it’s impact on local bingo uk halls but on the plus side, the boom to UK online bingo sites have been amazing. 

I’d love to see more landbase bingo players join the excitement of bingo online. 

Here’s an excerpt from Post Gazet:
Volunteer fire companies who for years have depended on bingos as their primary fundraisers are watching their profits go up in smoke since the institution of the statewide smoking ban in September.

With bingo players unable to suck on cigarettes, “we’re sucking wind,” said Ralph Hufnagel, who runs bingo for the Kennedy Volunteer Fire Department. “We’re down probably 20 percent this year.”

While the ban is snuffing out attendance at bingos held by churches and other nonprofits, it’s especially tough on volunteer fire companies that rely on the activity as one of their biggest sources of revenue for buying and maintaining equipment and buildings.

Many departments get little or no financial support from their municipality so they’re forced to become self-sustaining through raffles, direct solicitations to residents and bingos.

Fire halls that operate private, members-only clubs can allow patrons to smoke. But the bingos are considered public functions under the law.

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