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Woman, 75, Fights Bingo Bandits

bingoOver on, there’s an interesting article about a 75-year old Woman that Fights Bingo Bandits.

Here’s a little excerpt from

Don’t mess with 75-year-old Mabel Falkner of Hartley, Del. Try to crash with bingo night and she’ll put up a fight.

Two men crashed bingo night Tuesday, a public fundraiser for the Mamie A. Warren Senior Center near Kenton, Del.

The bandits got in through an unlocked door and made their way toward the night’s proceeds—more than $1,000.

Faulkner was counting the money that night and wasn’t about to let these guys get the cash.

As one of the men approached her, he pulled the phone off the wall, she called him a “son of a you-know-what” and she tried to hold him as he grabbed the money tray, she told The News Jorunal. [continue reading the rest of the bingo related news over on]

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