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Online UK Bingo

by Paul Marion on November 26, 2011

At Bingo HQ, we love to pamper you. It’s a sort of a massage and aromatherapy session all wrapped up in a bit of bingo. But we go further – like with more helpful guides for players interested in Online UK Bingo.

Online UK BingoSo, if you prefer getting pampered with extra bonus to having a sharp stick poked in your face – and I know I do – sit back and enjoy these valuable Online UK Bingo tips.

How To Bingo More Often

UK online bingo players want bingo and more of it – rightfully so. For great tips on how to improve your online bingo odds, check out these tips resources:

  • Want More Bingo Wins? – we’ve outlined some great tips that you could use to improve your chances at bingo.
  • How to bingo more often – from another good bingo portal that covers some fantastic tips.
  • How to Win At Bingo – the author argues that every bingo card has the same odds of being the winning bingo card, regardless of the sequence of numbers on  your card. He has done several key tests using 75 ball bingo to debunk the myth of card selection.
  • How to Play Online Bingo – great selection of tips and suggestions from one of our original posts on BingoHQ.

Complete Online Bingo Guides

how to play bingoPlay online bingo is fairly easy – you find a bingo site you like, check out a couple of bingo reviews by searching that brands name in your favourite search engine + entering “bingo reviews” after the brands name and you can find loads of review results.

But be careful of review portals, that praise all bingo sites. Here at Bingo HQ, we believe that each site has their pros and cons, depending on what you value most from playing online.

  • How To Play Bingo  – written by Bingo Mania one of the longest running bingo sites and has good tips for how to play bingo online.
  • Beginner’s Guide to online bingo – great useful tips from how to find a bingo site to how to identify a great site from an okay one.

same winners bingoSame Winners in Bingo

When it comes to Online UK Bingo games, the #1 concern of players:

How does “same winners bingo” happen so often at their favourite site?

The above link goes into complete details why this happens to so many players and what it means.

Uk Bingo CallsUK Bingo Calls

Learn about how the British Bingo Calls check out a previous post on Bingo HQ.

Best Bingo Sites for Free Bonuses

  • – offers all new players a £25 free no deposit bingo offer. These guys are one of the year’s top new bingo sites and don’t have any funny bonus wager rule in place.
  • Wonder Bingo – another new site that launched in 2011 that offers exciting bonuses with an exciting suite of games
  • xBingo –  xBingo offers exciting prizes including special promotion codes at times. Regardless, this is our pick as the best new site of 2011

Best Online UK Bingo Sites for Cash Prizes

When you’re after guaranteed jackpots and bingo pots, you turn to these brands for lardy-sized prizes:

  • Tombola Bingo – this is an exclusive bingo community – in other words, you won’t find casino games that offers the biggest bingo prizes in all of online UK bingo. There’s no other bingo site that comes close for frequency and size of pots like Tombola in the UK.
  • Gala Bingo – this is a well known and respected brand with a good mixture of guaranteed bingo pots and extremely attractive progressive jackpots.

Responsible Gaming

OK, let’s get a bit serious just for a moment.

For most people, gaming is an enjoyable leisure activity. But for a small percentage of the population, it’s a problematic behaviour.

Game Care Tips

As a Bingo related site, we believe we have a responsibility to promote responsible gaming and ensure the delivery of gaming services in a socially responsible environment. For this reason, we’ve put we highly recommend you check out these responsible gaming tips:

  1. 10 Ways to Play Online Bingo Safely – 10 quick tips that you could use to protect yourself from over spending
  2. How to Protect Your Self Playing Online Bingo – another complete guide for ensuring your safety when it comes to online bingo.

Two Bonus Tips for Online UK Bingo Players

1. Be Careful With Reviews on Bingo Comparison Sites

Take the reviews on various bingo comparison sites with a grain of salt. Most comparison sites tend to flower up every site they write or promote and at times lose their sense to be unbiased.

For example, Which Bingo  one of the better comparison sites out there does a great job of providing player reviews but their editorial team hardly will highlight a brands negative features.

It might be in your best interest to weigh in a good balance of editorial reviews and actual bingo player reviews in order to get a broader picture of a potential site.

2. Be Cautious of Bingo Sites with Too Much Free Bonus Offers

The other common complaint with online bingo players are about sites that have made it hard for players to cash out their winnings. Let me explain.

Free Bonuses that come in the form of No Deposit Bingo offers are aimed to provide a player an easy way to test try a new site risk free. You sign up and your account is credited with anywhere from £5 to £25 with a free bonus.

Obviously, no business in their right mind would give away money to a customer and have them beat the house with it. If they did, the site would be out squeezed out of business fairly quickly.

Before you  sign up to a bingo site with an appealing bonus offer, we highly recommend that you  take a few extra minutes and:

  1. Read their Terms and Conditions for withdrawing winnings
  2. Review their bonus wager rule requirements
  3. Understand the sites minimum withdrawal amount
There you have it, your complete guide for Online UK Bingo fun and excitement. Please feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook and / or leave us a comment in the box below.

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