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Paddy Power Bingo Featured Promos

by Paul Marion on July 19, 2011

Hiya, UK bingo fans and a sunny, rainy mishmash of a weathery welcome to this week’s featured bingo promotions post. Just don’t plan that barbecue. Unless it’s in your bedroom. What have we got for you this week from bingo-bongo land? Well, there’s a bit of this, a smattering of that and a whole skip-load of the other from non other than the fine folks at Paddy Bingo.

It seems, Paddy Power Bingo promos will reach a fever pitch of bubbling cauldrony excitement with the advent of a brand new game coined “Cash Bingo”, 75 Dond Bingo room and the Mid-week £3000 Guaranteed.

Cash Bingo – New 80 Ball Bingo Game

cash bingo

You’re probably asking, why you might care about this featured promo – hopefully, after the crack down, you’ll know what you need to know to get your bingo juices flowing. Here we go …

The Cash Bingo at Paddy Power is a mini version of the 80 ball bingo game, aka Cashline bingo in bingo halls. This is the same side game that’s played during intervals of bingo sessions across bingo clubs, and you can play this between your games at Paddy Bingo.

Deal or no deal bingoBrand new 75 DOND Bingo Room!

Another spankin’ new room being introduced at Paddy Bingo is 75 Ball Deal or No Deal Bingo Room.

Say what?

  • The 75 Ball Deal or No Deal Bingo Room has all the fun of 75 Ball Bingo but with an additional game for the winner of the Full House – you can take your turn at beating the banker and uncovering a fortune!
  • There are six prizes available in each game: 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L and a FH prize. In addition, the winner qualifies to receive an additional prize in the Deal or No Deal game.
  • There’s also a progressive jackpot that can be won when a Full House is called in 42 balls or under. The winner receives 50% of the jackpot and the rest of the players receive a share of the other 50%.

mid week madness bingoMidweek Madness – £3,000 Guaranteed – Yippee!

To put  a grin on your chops, Paddy Bingo is going a little mad with their midweek madness special.

Here’s how it works:

Regardless if you win the Full House, 1 line, heck, or the 2 line, you can rest assure you’ll win big time from 7pm to 11pm inside the Gold Room every Wednesday. Each part, will award a minimum £150 – that’s 3 chances per game to win a £150 pot, or if you’re super lucky £450 a game. Bonkers!

Here’s the Mid week madness bingo lineup:

  • 7pm: £/€150 each, £/€450 total
  • 8pm: £/€200 each, £/€600 total
  • 9pm: £/€213 each, £/€640 total
  • 10pm: £/€225 each, £/€680 total
  • 11pm: £/€233 each, £/€700 total

That’s over £/€3,000 guaranteed!

bingo wednesday special500 Star Points For All!

Lardy Lolly, Paddy Power Bingo is giving you 500 star points for free when you play bingo on Wednesdays.

  • Just buy bingo tickets in any bingo room worth 50p or more on Wednesday and get a 500 Star Points boost for free
  • It’s time to make Winner Wednesday at Paddy Power Bingo a permanent fixture in your bingo diary.

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