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Your November Bingo Brief

November 3, 2014

Now that we’re done with Halloween and can focus on everyone’s favourite time of the year, we’re taking a closer look at all the must play games in November. So itt’s a new month, with fresh and exciting specials from all of your favourite UK bingo sites. Below, you’ll find your November Bingo promo brief, […]

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Our Favourite Bingo Halloween Promos 2014

October 25, 2014

Trick or Treat – scratch that, only treats this Halloween for you at some of the leading bingo sites. We’ve taken a look at our favourite sites and compiled the sweetest Halloween bingo treats for you. Without further-ado, here are our favourites: Jackpot Joy’s Halloween Hideout BingoMania’s 100k Bingo Game Gala’s Trick or Treat Wink […]

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Your Online Bingo FAQs Answered

July 10, 2014

We’ve asked Laura from, a leading blogger from the long running bingo site to help answer some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to playing online. She also blogs on the blog. Enter Laura …

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Do You Own One of these Good Luck Charms?

June 28, 2014

As a bingo fan, you may well believe in taking a lucky charm with you to the bingo hall or keeping it by your side when you play online. However, even if you think superstition is all a load of rubbish, the amount of players who are convinced they play better or have their luck […]

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Why you Should Be Aware of when reading Online Bingo Reviews

March 11, 2014

Since online bingo has gone from strength to strength, and now mobile bingo is becoming increasingly popular too, the number of sites you can choose to play at is getting bigger by the day. Many players who are looking to join a new site sensibly choose to do some research before making an informed decision, […]

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The New Gala Bingo iPad Bingo Tablet

February 25, 2014

Calling all iPad users, the always innovative and exciting Gala Bingo has launched an all new iPad Bingo tablet giving you what is so far one of the best experiences playing bingo on your iPad.

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How and why to get into online bingo

January 13, 2014

Happy 2014 Bingo fans. It seems as if the popularity of bingo online, continuous to increase year after year. Today’s post is an introduction for newbies looking to play online and we’re using 32 Red Bingo as an example. As always, enjoy responsibly.

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BingoHQ’s Favourite Holiday Bingo Specials

December 11, 2013

Seasons greetings bingo fans – today, we’re taking a look at some of Bingo HQ’s favourite holiday specials from the best bingo sites. Generally, the holidays are a time of great excitement and the top brands tend to put together some of the more fantastic specials. Below, you’ll find our favourite specials from this holiday […]

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Is Bingo Still Just for the Elderly?

December 5, 2013

There are many misconceptions about the game of bingo, that’s it’s just for the elderly, or it’s a quick stint of entertainment if you’ve got a few spare pounds in your pocket. That used to be the case – but not anymore. These days, footballers earn more in a week than many of us can […]

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4 Advantages of Mobile Bingo

November 12, 2013

There’s no surprise that mobile bingo is here to stay but what are the key perks for you, the player? Mobile bingo has taken the gaming market by storm and it’s on the fast track to becoming one of the world’s most popular mobile games. Here at Bingo HQ we know that mobile gaming offers […]

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