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Paypal Bingo Sites

by Paul Marion on June 30, 2011

Last week we announced how several operators are providing “Paypal Bingo” – in other words, that accept Paypal on their sites.

To our understanding, as popular as Paypal is today, online bingo sites haven’t been as quick to jump on board with integrating this easy to use payment option for their bingo sites.

bingo paypal

We’re not sure why – it could be that, for bingo operators, Paypal has high merchant fees and some sites just don’t want the added headache.

Our take on this approach: boolany – these sites in our opionion seem to be more concerned with maximising profits at the cost of poor customer experience.

If I’m a customer at a bingo site  and I want to load my bingo account, shouldn’t I be given the best possible options to do so? Best method of payments that I prefer?

Anyways, enough of the rant – our take is this, if an operator today is hesitant to offer Paypal on their bingo site, then you should look at finding other “paypal bingo sites”.

Offering easy and secure payment options like Paypal, signal to bingo players a like , hey, so what our processing fees will be higher with Paypal, but we value you as a customer and that means, you as our member come first – for that we want to offer you a great method to load your account that’s safe, secure and very reliable!

So if your Bingo site doesn’t accept Paypal (yet, hopefully they’ll jump on board soon), here are several top bingo sites that put customer experience above anything else and offer Paypal to you.

Alternatively, check out bingo sites that accept UKash (another great alternative to using your credit card online)

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