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Play Bingo Games With Friends

by Paul Marion on July 14, 2011

playmate bingoIt’s no surprise that Tombola Bingo is constantly recognised by bingo players and industry experts as UK’s top bingo site. They simply have the best prizes and innovative games.

One feature which we absolutely adore is the Play Mates Bingo – when you friends win, you win.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Each friend you invite to Tombola, becomes your play mate
  • If they spend £25 or more, you’ll receive a $5 play-mate bonus
  • Each time, your play-mate wins £20 or more, you win a £1 bonus
  • When they win £50+ jackpot, you win £5
  • When they win £100+ jackpot, you win £10
  • When they win £500+ jackpot, you win a £25 play-mate bonus
Bingo is better with friends and Tombola bingo has made playing bingo online even more rewarding with their playmate bingo feature.
You can invite Friends:
  • Via Your Facebook Wall
  • Personal Email to Your Friends
  • You can even select your friends from your email contact list
What You Need To Know:
  1. You can be the play-mate for many people, BUT
  2. You can only have playmate (which stinks, see below)

play at Tombola

Why The One Play Mate Rule Falls Short of Bingo Awesomeness

We love Tombola and their playmates feature – but if there’s one drawback from holding this of becoming an awesome perk, is point number two from above.

If I have 10 friends that join Tombola through my recommendation, I should benefit from that via the playmate feature.

The only reason we think Tombola has opted to limit players to one playmate is abuse of their bonus system. I think that’s a fair concern but, they can protect themselves and minimise abusive bonus players through:

  1. A weekly / monthly limit on how much Bonuses you can earn through playmate.
  2. To be eligible for a playmate bonus, you, yourself must have made a deposit in the past x days, i.e. 30 days to be eligible
It’s our hope, that Tombola Bingo updates their policy on this feature and allow players to have more than one playmate at a time.
This will benefit both Players and Tombola Bingo.
What do you say Tombola?

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