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Play UK Bingo

by Paul Marion on August 31, 2008

Playing online bingo is fun, very social and easy. With a pc or mac and a descent Internet connection, you can join the excitement of online bingo with other discerning bingo players from around the world.

But how can you make the transition from regular bingo hall to playing UK Bingo online?

How to Play UK Bingo Online

To play UK Bingo, be sure to review the site you’d like to join by first visiting the UK Online Bingo Review sites listed below.

One common mistake newbie bingo players tend to make: they quickly join an online bingo community through an advert seen on a bingo portal.  Just remember, these listing are mostly paid for by the bingo site and rarely represent the quality of the bingo community. Instead, check out the player review sections for each listed site. From experience, 95% of the time, reviews made by other bingo players tend to provide a clear picture of what you can expect from a potential bingo co uk site.

And the other 5% reviews are made by angry players because of poor winning odds and they tend to visit popular online bingo review sites to express their frustration about the bingo operator.

WhichBingo UK offers players the option to review just about any bingo co uk site.

Bingo Port in comparison has more reviews. Be sure to check them out too. The list of bingo site reviews are made available on the left hand column.

Bingo Forums

Other great places to get player reviews are online bingo forums. I’ve found these helpful:


Before joining the fun, you’ll most likely be asked to open a free account with the site of your choice. Registration is fairly easy and painless other than a couple of questions that will need to be filled out such as name, address, your age and your preferred alias.

Free Money

With tight competition in the online UK market, bingo players are in direct benefit of some fabulous free bonus offers. It’s common to receive anywhere from £1 to £25 for free play before an initial deposit is made. But don’t jump too much with excitement if you end up winning a couple of quid with your free trial money. As free bonuses offered on sign up are not cashable and this is where most Bingo sites mislead players.

Just remember, no UK bingo site is generous enough to give you free money to win bingo jackpots without an initial deposit first.

Free Deposit Bonuses

Again as a result of competitions, you’re the beneficiary of more free bonuses in the form of deposit bonus backs. Be sure to check out Best UK Bingo Bonuses for a list of the highest free bonuses offered in the UK.

Helpful Tip

Make sure you clearly read the payout rules and regulation of each bingo site before making your initial deposit, as most game operators have a wager + bonus rule which I’ll clarify in a future post.

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