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Repeat Bingo Winners in Online Bingo

by Paul Marion on October 15, 2011

repeat bingo winnersNothing hurts more while playing online bingo and you hit an unlucky loosing streak. Then to add insult to injury, you see a couple of players win, over and over while you continue getting stuck on 2 TG and 1 TG cards – grrrrr.

Repeat Bingo Winners or also known as same winners bingo – how do they happen so often at your favourite bingo site?

Same winners in bingo is one of the common complaints you hear from online bingo players and rightfully so. Since UK bingo brands are not doing a good enough job communicating why repeat bingo winners happen, we thought who better to bring some clarity to a commen concern than Bingo HQ.

So today we’re going to take a closer look at why same winners in online bingo might occur and what you can do about it.

Common Concerns about Same Winners Bingo:

  • Is the bingo software my site is powered by legitimate?
  • Is the site I’m playing on fair?
  • Are they randomly selecting winners for each game?
  • Do some players receive preferential treatment?
  • How is that one player wins over and over, while I can’t get a Bingo

UK Bingo sites who have a license to operate and are based in one of the whitelist jurisdications require to go through regular software audits to check for true random number generator.

Most players don’t know this, but before a game starts in online bingo, the winning bingo card is already determined – that’s why, if you ever get disconnected during the midst of a game, your cards will continue to play and if you had the winning bingo card(s) for that game, you’ll be awarded the win.

Why Same Winner’s in Online Bingo Happen

Online Bingo is a game of chance, like the lottery. Your odds are determined by the number of players in a game, the average card purchased by each one of those players and your number of cards.
Based on probability:

  • less players per game, the better your odds
  • more cards you have for that game vs others, you better your odds
  • if you play with less cards than the average of a game, you’ll have less odds

In other words, if you tend to play with 1 or 2 cards per game, you’ll have very poor odds of getting a bingo when others for the same game are playing with more cards.

Solutions to Reduce Repeat Bingo Winners

Here are some solutions to help reduce same winner’s winning.

Better in Game Info for Players

Unfortunately when you’re playing in a bingo room, you can’t tell what the average card purchase for the game is. Here at Bingo HQ we believe, the first bingo software that provides this valuable in game info to players will have a huge competitive advantage over other bingo sites.

Imagine, as a player, you can easily identify if you should wager more or less based on the average card purchase for the game. This is valuable in game info that can help better spread the odds for all players and can ultimately help reduce the occurrence of repeat bingo winners that plagues all online bingo games.

What Else Can you do …

As a player, you can also be more dilligent in selecting times, days of the weeks and types of bingo sites you play. For instance, playing on popular sites like Gala Bingo (read how to improve your odds at Gala Bingo), Tombola, Sun Bingo, William Hill Bingo and Foxy Bingo, you’ll get huge bingo prizes because of more players per games, but you’ll have less odds of a Bingo.

You can:

  • Find new bingo sites to play that have less players per game
  • Contact the support team of your favourite bingo site and ask what times of the day do you have less players
  • You can also find out which bingo rooms have less players traditionally and on which dates
  • Look for Bingo sites offer Fair n’ Square bingo where you get equal number of cards for each game against other players
  • Use the pre buy feature for late night bingo games since these times have less players per game
  • Be optimistic and don’t frown when you hit an lucky loosing streak – take a break, play on another bingo site or simply change bingo rooms for a while
  • Look for bingo sites that offer you more free bingo bonuses

We believe, with advancement in technology and experience, bingo softwares will soon provide you better data inside the game room to make better decisions and help you better manage your wagers and odds.

In the meantime, if you experience same bingo winners at your site, you can rest assure, that bingo is a game of chance and your opportunity will come as well.

Playing on any of today’s UK bingo sites, you can rest assure there are no funny business when it comes to determining winners and your bingo game as all sites are licensed and go through regular software audits to check for true random number generation.

If you have any questions about repeat bingo winners and how you can better your odds, please leave us a comment in the box below and we’ll be happy to help.

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tez January 10, 2013 at 12:07 am

Wat a load of Crap, been on.fabulous bingo for over a year, and its still the same winners in session bingo, game of chance my arse, they have there favourites.

Paul Marion January 13, 2013 at 6:17 pm

Hi Tez, I’m very sorry to hear about your experience at Fabulous Bingo. I have worked with several different gaming brands in the past decade and same winner’s winning is a common concern for players who play bingo online. In all cases, the reason same winner’s occurs, is due to the number of cards the frequent players play vs other player’s in the room.

Of course, players with 1 card have won and continue to win but the chances and probability are much less than players who play on average with 50% more cards vs. other players in the room.

Obviously, it’s no fun wagering over your personal budget and allowance. I highly recommend you reach out to the team of Fabulous bingo and ask them which sessions would they recommend for better odds. You may find that during early morning, late night and afternoon sessions, you’ll have better odds than peak times which tend to be in the evenings and on Fridays/Saturdays.

Same winner’s winning does suck big time and I hope your luck turns around or you find an alternative site with better odds for you.

Have you tried

Cheryl July 19, 2013 at 11:28 pm

This is rubbish. I was member in two sites of same company today and same name winners in BOTH sites throughout the day. I tried playing in rooms with less people and buying more cards and different times as you said. STILL THE SAME WINNERS ON BOTH SITES??? Its too much of a coincidence. They are blatantly dummy players to bump up sales. The odds shouldnt be that stacked against you every game when there are only 20 players and buying max tickets. THIS NEEDS TO BE LOOKED INTO BY THE GOVERNMENT OR SOME AUTHORITY!!!!

Joanne April 13, 2014 at 3:33 pm

I have won several times with only six tickets and I have lost a lot even when Iv’e maxed so it obviously is a game of chance, luck and odds.
The last time i won, i got the JP with only 44p.

K M Nield May 7, 2014 at 11:17 am

I totally agree. same winners or bots whatever you want to call them.I buy max tickets 90% of the time and very rarely win.I don’t keep winning game after game,which is what should be happening if we were to believe your explanation of SAME WINNER syndrome. Definitely should be looked into.People being ripped off left right and centre.
Too many people noticing the same thing for it to be ignored

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