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Rogers Bingo Does it Again!

by Paul Marion on December 19, 2011

rogers bingo promoDoes Rogers Bingo ever slow down with their out of this world promos?

Well that day hasn’t come yet and once again, one of the year’s most talked about sites has done it again with another fab promo offer and Bingo HQ has all the juicy details for you.

Win Your Credit Card Bill

For a limited time, every time you make a deposit at the whacky Rogers Bingo site (see our Rogers Bingo Review here) you will receive a special bingo card. Once you’ve made your deposit:

  1. You will get your special Bingo card(s) emailed to you, with a copy of the card(s) and the card numbers for you to keep.
  2. Then, on Friday the 30th, at 9PM GMT, your cards will be played in a special Bingo game
  3. The lucky winner of the game will their Credit Card Bill.
  4. In other words, Rogers Bingo will pay off the credit card bill of the lucky winner!

If you can’t wait, login to Rogers Bingo now.

Don’t have an account?
Sign up to & enjoy an exclusive £25 from Bingo HQ >>


How’s this Possible?

  • The Winner will receive up to £1,500 towards paying off their credit bill
  • The number of cards you’ll receive are based on your deposits (see below)

How to Improve your odds:

The more you play and deposit at Rogers, the better you’re odds will be. Here’s how you can improve your odds:

  • £10 = 1 ticket
  • £25 = 5 tickets
  • £50 = 15 tickets
  • £100 = 40 tickets
  • £200+ = 100 tickets

The Small Print

  1. Only purchases made on your credit card between December 16th to December 30th are eligible
  2. The credit card must be in your name
  3. Unfortunately this promo excludes Debit Cards
  4. Rogers Bingo will only pay up to £1500 in outstanding balance on one of your recent statements from 1 card

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