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by Paul Marion on October 21, 2011

RogersBingo part of the 2011 new bingo sites class, launched this summer and since, has been a huge splash amongst players in the UK.

We’ve put together this helpful page to outline everything you need to know about this new site from joining, becoming a member and all the promotions that might be exciting for you.


So what does new site offer besides their cute, but rather scary mascot? Let’s kick start the Review …

rogersbingo £25Well for starters, “Rogers Bingo” is more than just a new name, it’s a new gaming experience as this is the only bingo site of its kind. 

If you’re tired of playing on new sites but with the same old games and features, you’ll welcome this quirky brand with open arms because it’s new, like no other site available today.

It looks like they went through an all new site redesign recently  – this is a great sign that they’re not going to shy away from making improvements that will enhance their overall entertainment value.

No Deposit Bingo£10
Free Welcome Bonus200% Free
Minimum Withdrawal£50 or more
Minimum Deposit£10
Bingo Rooms30+ Bingo Rooms
Free Bingo GamesYes
Casino GamesYes
Fair N' SquareYes
Wager Bonus RuleNo
SoftwareTheir Own

rogersbingo login

Free Bingo Bonuses

You get £10 to test try  with a pleasant no deposit bingo offer. But as we’ve mentioned before, you can’t withdrawal any winnings derived from the £10 offer.

Here’s how you can get the maximum bonus without Rogers Bingo promo code … [update: we have secured a £25 coupon for you, click on the image below to get started]

rogers bingo promo code

To Ensure You Qualify For Withdrawal:

  1. Sign Up – instantly get £10 free (do not play this)
  2. Make a Deposit of £10 and get 200% free bonus
  3. That gives you £20 free bonus + £10 no deposit bingo + £10 your own deposit. You just turned a £10 deposit into £40
If you are looking for a Promotion Code use this on sign up – RGIFT25 and you might receive £25 free no deposit bingo instead of £10 … shhhhhh

Now you should begin playing in one of the 30+ available bingo rooms and easily qualify for a withdrawal should you happen to win a fun size bingo jackpot.

You’ll also receive a whopping 200% free bonus on your first deposit.

The minimum deposit is £10 – the more you deposit, the more bonus you get.

Start small, get a feel for their vibrant community before going crazy 🙂 – responsible gaming is always in order.

Vibrant Community

Bingo is a social game and at BingoHQ we give two thumbs up to new sites that have made community a key component of their entertainment experience.

rogers bingo community

The community of this site is buzzing as they’ve ensured their members can easily connect and engage with others through various unique features:

  • You can see a list of latest members that are online playing
  • Just like Facebook, you get to manage your wall, and personalise it
  • You can upload photos, videos and write status updates on your wall
  • You can connect with other members by becoming friends

You can also find an extension of RogersBingo on Facebook – where as of writing, 13,214 like their brand making them one of the more popular UK Bingo sites on Facebook right now.


An interesting feature, probably the first of its kind, this site has a series of guaranteed games (they call them monster size pots). You can easily find the list of games as you login to your  account.

You’ll find a series of monster bingo games:

  • £10,000
  • £1,000
  • £50 to £500

You’ll also notice that these games do not have a scheduled time slot. They work as follow:

  1. Each game has a minimum / max required players. Once the number of players have reached, the game will be announced
  2. You can enter as many guaranteed bingo tournaments as you like
  3. You can even invite your friends from the Bingo room of your choice (brilliant)

Here’s our advice to their team:

TIP: As a bingo player, we don’t want our money tied up to a game that will only be available in the future, when we can use those funds to play bingo games right away. Without knowing when a game will play, we’ll be cautious to enter the tournaments.

A good way around this is to offer incentives for the first x players who enter the tournament. This way, there’s an added incentive to be part of the first group of players that will make it worth while for other players to enter.

More than Just Bingo!

When you need a change of scenery, simply click on the “Casino” tap and you will be whisked to their Casino – a sexy looking website that gives you as close of an excitement as visiting of Vegas’ popular casino.

rogers casino

Fortunately for you – you can save on the flight and hotel fair and enjoy a series of unique and classic Casino Games.

Don’t worry, you don’t need create a new account to play on their Casino site – your account works on both type of games.

One small area that we like to see this site improve on is on the load time speed. Some games, specially on the Casino side of things, takes more than 30 seconds to load.

44+ Unique Slots

Going back to bingo side of things for a moment, you’ll find 44+ unique slot machines. Ranging from popular themed games like Tom Raider to Lord of the Rings.

rogers bingo slots

Areas Which We Think This Site Can Improve On

As a new site, these guys kicks butt – they’re already ahead of some established brands, so the following are only positive criticism which we think can further place this community amongst the top UK site charts.

Promotions Page

As of writing, they don’t offer a helpful or engaging promotions page that provides you a quick glimpse on key promos. Besides the home page rotating ad box, there’s no way to discover great promos in the coming days, week or month.

A solid bingo site doesn’t shy away from exciting promos – so we’ll be expecting to see something special in the near future from them.

rogersbingo £25Themed Bingo Rooms

The bingo room design is superb – it’s well organised and easy to find your way. However, players tend to enjoy playing in multiple rooms. Right now, nothing differentiates the 30+ rooms from one other. They all share the same design, colour scheme and are not individually branded.

We believe, this new site has an opportunity to better brand each bingo room to help enhance the experience of their players.

Update: You can now change the background colour of each room from inside all the rooms. Yippee.

Winners List

Bingo is a social game but winning big prizes are also one of the thrilling aspects of the game – we would love to see a winner’s page available via the community or news tap.

Celebrating winners are a big of part of a community and we believe their community is missing an opportunity to make a huge splash in this area.

Rogers Bingo Blog

It seems their community blog is aimed to please search engine instead of humans at this time. As a pay to play bingo site, we hope to see better editorial guideline used by their Marketing Team in the future.

Overall Thoughts on

It would be a safe bet for us to rank place them amongst the top of the new bingo sites in 2011. Currently X Bingo, Wonder Bingo and Bingo Street are our top picks for the best new site of the year and this community is right up there.

We  recommend Rogers Bingo and we think players looking for a new bingo site to try out will have a positive experience at this new site.


Rogers Bingo Review

Your feedback means the world to us – so let us know what you think in the comment box below! We might just randomly give the best reviewer a free prize 🙂 – no kidding, write a helpful review of your experience and we’ll be happy to give you a juicy bonus.


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Gordon57 April 6, 2012 at 4:25 pm

You say: “…and easily qualify for a withdrawal should you happen to win a fun size bingo jackpot.”
This is where people pick up wrong information, then cause havoc when they win a jackpot, and expect to be able to withdraw it…
Until you deposit at Rogers, all you have is bonus money. If you win a JP, it goes into bonus – and you could easily end up with £200 or more of bonus that cannot be withdrawn. It has to be made clearer that you cannot withdraw until you’ve deposited.
BUT, when you deposit the first time you not only get 300% extra bonus on what you pay in, but any bonus you already had is still there – so you can play using that AND, something unique to Rogers, there’s no wagering requirements, so no having to get 10x your deposit+bonus before you can win, everything you win goes to cashable balance for up to 45 days after a deposit, then it resets to bonus only.
I’ve been playing on Rogers since it opened. There are many good points about it, but a few bad ones too.
In particular, approving withdrawal requests takes 2-3 days, even after you’ve been verified. Once approved the funds are in the bank in 2-3 working days, which usually means a whole week goes by from start to finish.
On the plus side, they have CH’s on duty 24 hours a day, playing lots of chat games to win bonus. Live Chat is also there 24/7, should you need it.
It can take a bit of getting used to the site, don’t just play the free money and moan you didn’t win, quite often there are 200 players in the main room, and only 3 prizes per game. Then again, you could win 2-3 in a row.
There are some free games that are based on getting free tickets when you deposit to win things like an iPad3, a shopping spree, a trip to Vegas and so on.
The discussion areas and user-based groups can be quite busy some days, the Facebook page sometimes has separate competitions or free bonus promotions and there are regular email bonuses too.
There is a lot of work still to be done to make it the best site around, quite often the promos page is not updated to say a particular incentive has ended, or even to say who won.
But, I find myself going back day after day… 😉

Paul Marion April 8, 2012 at 9:16 am

Hi Gordon, thanks for your well detailed feedback about Rogers Bingo. We will be sure to take another look at Rogers Bingo’s withdrawal policy. When Rogers launched, they didn’t have a wager rule in place and this surprised us as no pay to play bingo site can afford to give away colossal bonuses.

We will take another look at Rogers Bingo and update our review with the additional wager rules. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

And good luck in this April’s draw to win £50 cash to play on your favourite bingo site. Thanks again.

Gordon57 April 8, 2012 at 11:58 pm

The £50 minimum still applies at Rogers Bingo – but if you think carefully, you can withdraw lesser amounts by simply depositing enough to top the £50 mark, then withdraw the lot.
So many people moan about the £50, saying they will never win enough to withdraw, but maybe they are being a bit greedy and aiming to win more than £50 at a time?
The bonuses they give are generous, no doubt about it. The catch, if you can call it that, is that until you deposit you cannot withdraw anything. You could win loads and find it’s all bonus.
People tend to arrive at Rogers with perhaps £25 bonus, they’ll play and lose, then moan about it being a ‘fix’ – all sites get that! Or, they’ll win and expect to be able to withdraw – that’s when they find out they must deposit to win real money.
The big plus is that once you deposit ALL winnings go to cashable balance, if they are from the cash you paid in, or from bonus. That stays so for up to 45 days after each deposit.
There are no other wagering requirements. What you win goes to your cashable balance. Like most sites, ‘cash’ is used to buy tickets first, then bonus.
Rogers have a good selection of slots too. You can only play slots with real money deposited. Although this gives you bonus, that’s only useable for bingo tickets – you cannot use bonus to play slots. If you win at Bingo and have money in your cashable balance you cannot use that to play slots either. You would have to withdraw and then deposit cash. Just what the ‘rule’ is there I don’t know as I don’t play slots myself, I’ve been burned before!

lou November 16, 2013 at 1:33 am

Ace just love it

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