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Stay Refreshed With Some Fabulous Bingo Drinks

by Paul Marion on July 2, 2015

Sitting back in your favourite chair and playing some online bingo is just about the best thing you could do with your leisure time.

Staying Fresh

In fact, playing bingo is so much fun that it is easy to forget about the rest of the world while you do it. However, one thing you can’t afford to forget to do is to drink while you play. Thanks to our friend Laura from Bingo Mania, they have put together this helpful blog post to help you stay refreshed just in time with the warm days of the summer.

A recent CBS report stated that up to three quarter of Americans drink less water than they should do, and could be chronically dehydrated because of this. So what will you drink while you play in order to stay hydrated? We give you a few great examples below to help you stay hydrated whilst you play your bingo games….


The simplest, cheapest and most effective way of staying hydrated is to drink plenty of water. There are a number of big benefits to drinking a lot of water, from the fact it can help you to lose weight to the way it keeps your skin looking good. Water consumption has also been linked to benefits such as having more energy and being more focused. If you keep a jug of chilled water next to your computer (though careful not to knock it over or it could work out a very expensive accident) and sip some occasionally then you will have found a great way of staying refreshed and healthy. If you find it too tasteless for you then you could add some basil leaves, fresh mint, cucumber, cinnamon or fruit juice. An interesting idea is to make some flavored, fruity ice cubes and add them to your jar of water on hot days. Drinking more water each day will soon get to be a habit you are glad to have.

Home Made Lemonade

If you want something with a bit more zing to it then few things beat some fresh homemade lemonade. Don´t worry if you´ve never made this drink before, as it is incredibly easy to prepare. You just need some lemons, some water and some sugar. You will find different recipes online with different proportions for each of the ingredients. Alternatively, you could just go for the trial and error approach of adding more sugar, water or lemon juice until you get the perfect taste. Either way, this is the kind of drink you will want to make every time you head online for a game. Some people make a fruity lemonade by adding the likes of strawberries or cherry juice to it, which is another refreshing idea.

Non Alcoholic Fruit Punch

We don´t know about you but anytime we drink some fruit punch it feels like a very special sort of occasion. If you want the fruity pleasure of a punch without any alcohol then it could well be a bit more of a labor intensive process than the previous drinks. Having said that, the end results will make it feel well worthwhile. You can take your pick from lots of different internet recipes for this type of refreshing drink. If you have some different fruits sitting around in the kitchen then you should be able to find some recipes that let you use all of them in a tasty punch. This is a fine drink if you are inviting some friends round to play some bingo with you and want to show them a good time.

Green Tea

You have probably heard about the amazing benefits of green tea by now but what if you haven´t tried it yet? This is a wonderful drink and if you haven´t yet given it a go why not drink some while playing bingo. The simplest idea is just to prepare a normal cup of tea and drink it like this. If you want something a bit more exciting you could check out recipes for the likes of green tea frappuccinos, green tea lemonade and green tea cocktails. No matter how you drink it, you will benefit from one of the healthiest drinks around. Green tea has been credited with a lot of incredible benefits, with its high level of antioxidants being a particularly good reason to drink it as you play.

A Kale Smoothie

If we stick with the healthiest drinks around at the moment, then what about a tasty kale smoothie to help you feel good while you try to win a bingo jackpot? Kale is regarded as one of the healthiest foods around, helping us to lower cholesterol levels and possibly even protecting us from certain types of cancer at the same time. The idea of a kale smoothie maybe isn´t especially tempting but there are some decent recipes you could give a try to see if you like it. For example, you could add some strawberries and raspberries to change the color and the flavor. Bananas, pineapple and yoghurt can also be added to the mix to make it more appetizing.

An Exotic Cocktail

How much fun would it be to enjoy your daily bingo time with a classy, exotic cocktail? You don´t need to worry about the alcohol content, as you can easily find non alcoholic versions of the most popular cocktails. A pomegranate based Mojito, a creamy Piña Colada or a fruity Sangria could be ideal for refreshing you as you look for that big win. If there is a type of exotic cocktail you have always wanted to try then why not do so soon? Of course, there is nothing to stop you adding some alcohol to your cocktail if you want to, although if you are a regular bingo player you won’t want to do this every time you play.

Try Something Completely Different

As you settle down for some games of bingo wouldn´t you like to try something completely different to drink? A good idea is to look around the world at what people tend to drink in different places. For instance, you could try an Indian style Lassi, a Latin American Horchata or something else you have never tried. You could also check out some types of fruit juice or milk shake you have never tried. The world is full of brilliant drinks and while you are enjoying some bingo it is a fine time to try some. You are sure to find some that you love if you try.

What is your favorite drink while you play bingo?

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