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SunBingo Lobby – Access to Great Games

by Paul Marion on April 20, 2012

There are bingo sites then there are special bingo sites. We tend to place in our top 10 UK communities for pure bingo experience and cash prizes.

Sunbingo Lobby

The game lobby can be access by logging in first to your account!

Once you login, the SunBingo Lobby showcases so many rooms, side games and available promos. So it’s easy to see why, year after year, the community continues to flourish and attract a bigger audience – the selection of games are top notch.

The SunBingo Lobby is Jam Packed

From the lobby,  you can access 90 Ball, 75/80 ball, special sessions, slots & toher games.

Bingo Games

As a bingo lover, you have access to the following rooms:

Bingo Room

90 Ball Bargain Rooms

  • Candy Club
  • Celeb Club
  • Music Club
  • Romance Club
  • Fashion Club

90 Ball Bargain Rooms

  • 5p Cabaret
  • 5p Disco
  • 5p Karaoke
  • 2p Showboat
  • 1p Jazz

SunBingo Games

Other Bingo Rooms

  • Plus, you can take part in free games inside the “Free Bingo Room”.
  • 2 x 75 Ball Rooms
  • 2 x 80 Ball bingo rooms

Session Bingo

Perhaps one of the key features available from the lobby, is “session bingo”. Instead of pre-buying for single games, you can buy entire sessions as a bundle for super value.

Sessions Bingo

To play:

  1. Choose the sessions you wish to play
  2. click buy
  3. and enjoy your games in person or have your tickets play when you’re about running errands

Slots Galore

sunbingo slots

So much more than just bingo. From the lobby, you have access to over 18 video slots, including the popular X Factor, Alice Wonderland and deal or no deal game.

Other Games

On top of the slots, and variety of bingo games, you can also take part in special games such as:

instant wingo

  • Snap (a hybrid between bingo + poker)
  • Instant games like Wingo (single player bingo game)

As you can see, the SunBingo lobby is your gateway to fun, prizes and entertainment like no other community. It’s no wonder so many player’s have made Sun their #1 destination for playing online games.

SunBingo Games


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