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The best new bingo sites for 2011

by Paul Marion on October 17, 2011

If you had thought that the online bingo world was gonna take a breather in 2011, you’d be way off the mark. The last year has bought a bumper crop of new bingo sites to the fold, despite the huge number of bingo sites already open. Some have been good, some have been bad and some downright ugly, but we’ve waded through the slop to bring you the best tips and tricks for sampling some of 2011’s best new bingo sites.

top new bingo sites 2011

Why bother with a new bingo site?

Now, of course there are plenty of valid reasons to put you off joining a new bingo site. You could be new to playing online bingo, and feel more inclined to go for a well-established site all your mates have recommended. You could be a regular player and feel pretty settled and see no reason to rock your bingo boat. You might be a perennial flitter from site to site, and have wound up feeling a little bit snowed under with all your different sites. But like most bingo players, after a while, you find yourself hankering for something a little different. And providing you choose wisely, a new bingo site can definitely spice things up with a new set of balls.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Perhaps the biggest draw for trying out a new bingo site is the welcome offer, which can save you a fair few pounds in the short term. Be it a juicy first deposit bonus or even a no deposit bonus to get you through the doors, there’s money to be made when you sign up to a new site. Although naturally, you should definitely check terms and conditions before you start opening your wallet to make sure you don’t get a bum deal on your bonus.

Beware of bingo bores

And there is a certain level of quality control you need to exercise over new bingo additions. Despite a steady influx of around 3-4 new bingo sites every month, you can be guaranteed that the majority are just rehashes of existing bingo sites. And there’s nout so frustrating as a ‘new’ bingo site that actually has nothing new to bring to the table. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our big picks for 2011 – the best new bingo sites that actually offer roomies different and exciting offers you won’t want to miss out on.

wonder bingoWonder Bingo

The Wonder Bingo site launched in early 2011, after the runaway success of the Wonder Bingo Facebook page. The result is one of the most social bingo sites we’ve ever been on – a great community site that allows you to earn plenty of points to swap for cash by getting friendly with your fellow roomies. The bingo is brilliant as well, with a huge range of cash prizes, slots, free bingo games and a £5 no deposit bingo bonus to get you started.


Big bingo brands are still big news at the moment – take the launch of Bingostreet in August 2011, which forms part of the Wink Bingo/Posh Bingo/Tasty Bingo/Red Bus Bingo family. An instant success amongst online bingo fans, there’s a great sign up offer and the site will be pairing up with its bingo brothers and sisters as part of the huge £25k Joypot promo. Top-notch bingo that will be right up most roomie’s streets.

city bingoCity Bingo

Next up in the Costa corner is City Bingo, who launched at the very beginning of the year to great fanfare. The guys have made plenty of progress throughout the year, now offering up some big money jackpots and promos (including holidays and electricals) alongside six free bingo rooms. Buzzing and bustling, we have a feeling City Bingo is gonna keep on growing – particularly with a “get it before it’s gone” no deposit sign up bonus of £5 for new players.

x bingoX Bingo

The Costa Bingo family have also managed to stick a finger in the software pie, with new bingo site X Bingo one of the first to take advantage of the Mandalay Entertainment gaming platform. It’s a fantastic new bingo site, offering up some huge value bingo games and big promos alongside a wonderful user-friendly site. We predict big things for this one – so get on board now and take advantage of their £5 no deposit sign up offer.

Bingo Cams

Despite huge leaps and bounds in bingo software, relatively few sites in 2011 have offered something truly different when it comes to the techy details. Step forward Bingocam, a Dutch import that allows you to link up via webcam with your fellow roomies. Taking interactivity to a new level, Bingo Cams is a great choice for players looking for a little more contact beyond the chat room – and with some huge jackpots to play, it’s not just a site with a kooky gimmick.

Fancy Bingo

The guys behind Costa Bingo have had an amazing 2011, with the launch of three separate sites. Our first pick is Fancy Bingo, who break the free bingo mould of Costa Bingo and Sing Bingo with a huge range of penny bingo and a great fantasy theme. In terms of value, we actually think Fancy Bingo is one of the best around, with jackpots of £250 available and no ticket costing more than 1p (there are some selected free bingo games as well). Look out for a £5 no deposit bonus when you sign up.

Fabulous Bingo

One of the newest of the new bingo sites, Fabulous Bingo have only just launched and look set to make a splash with a great new proposition. We reckon Fabulous Bingo is one to watch and not just because of it’s affiliation with Sun Bingo. Nope, the main draw here is the cosmopolitan feel of Fabulous Bingo, which is a heady mix of bingo balls and SATC. Proof that online bingo really has come on in leaps and bounds; it’s a real classy choice that also serves up a Manolo Blahnik load of bingo fun.

Thanks once again to bingo review site Online Bingo Finder and Jess their in house bingo expert for sharing their tips on the best new bingo sites of 2011. 

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