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Tombola Bingo £20 Free

by Paul Marion on February 19, 2009

When you think about it, Tombola Bingo is an odd name for an onlinebingo site but that hasn’t stopped them becoming one of the biggest names in Bingo UK. Where does the name “tombola” come from? Well, according to this Wikipedia article, it is a popular raffle in the UK and Italy and it’s also a free game on the Neopets website.

Okay back to our post on … Ah yes, Tombola Bingo is a great place to play online bingo where the emphasis is put on the chat rooms and the community. They boast the largest number of bingo chat rooms at ” 39 rooms”; no other bingo uk site comes close.

tombola bingo

Where they lack in variety of promotions, they make up in affordable bingo games as they offer tickets and bingo cards at 5 pence with prizes as high as £250+ per game. As we’ve written before, without fail, you get to stretch your money through affordable games, however the odds of winning a bingo game is not great when you’re competing against 500+ bingo roomies for a Bingo – there’s always a trade of, isn’t there?

Nevertheless, this seems to be a non-issue with existing Tombola members, as at any given time, near 3,000 players are interacting, playing and winning on the website … after all, 3,000+ players can’t be wrong, can they?

If you’re itching to give Tombola a whirl, then this is a good time, as they are welcoming newbiew with a 100% cash match bonus up to £25.

Granted you’re looking to jump into the excitement, play bingo uk without stretching your purse strings and meet like-minded bingo players, then tomobolabingo is a fantastic place to join and Bingo!

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