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Tombola Bingo’s Top 10 January Winners

by Paul Marion on January 24, 2012

In our humble opinion, no other bingo site compares to Tombola for frequent bingo jackpot prize winners.

Recent Tombola WinnersSure, you’ll find many sites, including the likes of Gala Bingo, Sun Bingo and Jackpotjoy Bingo showcase life changing progressive jackpots in their sites, however, Tombola still outshines them with the frequency in which they award big prizes – for instance, take a look at top bingo winners in December.

So far this month, over 50 lucky players have won £1,000 or more playing at

Here’s a list of the top 10 winners thus far in the month. Quite impressive.

Tombola Winners

AliasPrize WonGameDate
cossie667£16,137Bingo 9018-Jan-12
sooling£15,785Bingo 9021-Jan-12
juicyjo06£11,625Bingo 9010-Jan-12
susan2502£10,714Bingo 9012-Jan-12
fanny granny£10,000Cinco16-Jan-12
xxclairemhxx£9,513Bingo 9016-Jan-12
katenmag£8,678Bingo 9015-Jan-12
mondeo1966£10,822Bingo 9022-Jan-12

The top prizes seem to be found in the popular 90 Bingo room and the Cinco bingo special.

Add frequent high paying jackpot winners on top of the regular Tombola bingo promotions and you have a community that is the ultimate playground for bingo lovers.

Popular Cinco Bingo gameAbout Cinco

This is the world famous popular bingo game which is a mixture of bingo and poker card based game exclusively found on Tombola.

You’ll find 17 different Cinco rooms with card prices ranging from 5p to 40p.

The main draw to Cinco is the £20,000 room progressive which on average is scooped up four (4) times per month.

The last time the room PJP was hit happened to be on December 20th when it was won two times in a day.

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