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Tombola Playmates

by Paul Marion on March 19, 2012

As more bingo sites launch, it seems the choice for playing at the best site becomes easier. If you’re in the search for a community that delivers the purest bingo experience out there, then you will certainly enjoy Tombola Bingo!tombola playmates

As new brands pop up, most players well be looking for which bingo site offers them the best bonus instead of asking which site will offer me the best experience possible. There’s no doubt, Tombola remains the purest bingo community with innovative games, colossal prizes, biggie frequent winners and unique features such as playmate bingo as we originally covered on how bingo is better with friends.

Since, Tombola has updated the playmate bingo feature by upping the rewards for you.

About Tombola’s Playmates

In a nutshell, your referrals become your playmates. Unlike other referral programs, the playmate feature rewards you each time your playmate(s) bingo’s on a game that you don’t!


This is perhaps one of the most rewarding features from any site today as you get rewarded continuously from your referrals.

The New Playmate Bonuses

£20 Free Bonus when your friends join

If you refer a friend to join you , and they end up depositing and spending £20, you’ll receive a one-time bonus of £20.

£2 every time they win £20 or more
The best part of the program is that you continue to reap the benefits from your playmates. For instance, if your friend Bingo’s £20 or more, you’ll receive an instant £2 bonus.

Plus, you get extra bonuses on Jackpot wins:

  • £10 playmate bonus on jackpot wins of £50+
  • £20 playmate bonus on jackpot wins of £100+
  • £50 playmate bonus on jackpot wins of £500+

Other Key Features

  1. You can easily invite your friends through Facebook, email and even Twitter
  2. You’ll receive playmates alert whenever your account has been credited with a playmates bonus
  3. You can be the playmates of many players. So the more friends you refer, the more you’ll be rewarded

Most referral programs in a nutshell tend to bribe their players for a referral. This becomes tough, specially when a site you’re playing on might not be worth referring. However, with superb customer service, unique bingo software, Tombola promotions and special games not found on any other site, you just can’t help but to spread the word to your friends … this much fun would be a sin if not shared with your friends.

To learn more, visit today!


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