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Tombola Rainbow

by Paul Marion on October 12, 2011

Today we’re featuring one of the most popular bingo rooms in online bingo. Note, we’re referring to a single bingo room from one of the top UK Bingo sites.

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Tombola Rainbow

All about Tombola Bingo's Rainbow Club Room

The room we’re referring to is known as Tombola Rainbow – this room is jam packed with fun, lardy size bingo pots, big time winners and we love this room so much here at UK Bingo HQ that we decided to do an entire feature for it for our readers.

First off, if you have been shying away from Tombola UK Bingo, do yourself a favour, ditch your least favourite two bingo sites and replace them with Tombola because this is one bingo site we think you’re going to love playing on a regular bases. Plus, you’ll get more excitement for your deposit than your current sites offer you.

Tombola Rainbow

Tombola Rainbow is one of six classic 90 ball bingo rooms available. Each room at Tombola UK has four different chats. What separates the Rainbow room from other bingo rooms are the exciting prizes.

Tombola UK Rainbow Club

You’ll find on average 250 players per game with linked pots from £200 to £750. But you also get to play for a sizzling guaranteed bingo jackpot on top of the regular lardy-size bingo games.

Note the Rainbow Club Progressive is in play across all 90 ball bingo rooms.

Check out the Lucky Tombola Rainbow Winners

Already twelve days into the month of October, the Tombola Rainbow room has awarded over 10 progressive jackpots for over £50,000+ in prizes. Here’s the list of winner’s so far:

lisagrimes77£17,477.12October 12, 2011
annaspanner79£6,125.83October 10, 2011
pooky73£10,875.06October 10, 2011
jmpenny16£2,744.70October 8, 2011
mrsmcgoo61£5,613.53October 8, 2011
stevemcfc£3,181.49October 8, 2011
sugarlips600£897.62October 7, 2011
ohnonotagain£2,948.81October 7, 2011
daisyd8£21,645.84October 7, 2011
jodiesmum£649.25October 5, 2011

Tombola players love playing the 90 ball classic Rainbow room as you get bargain bingo tickets for a chance at sizzling guaranteed pots.

New to Tombola Bingo?

Honestly, you can’t go wrong playing online bingo at Tombola UK :

  • you get the an unique bingo experience as Tombola uses their own bingo software
  • no distractions, only top notch bingo games and prizes
  • a name you can trust
  • sizzling bingo bargains at life changing bingo prizes
  • the best bingo buddy feature from any site
Oh, you also get £20 free when you make an initial £10 deposit. That’s a £30 account to test try the best of UK bingo and the popular Tombola Rainbow.
Tombola bingo

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