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Top 10 Facebook Bingo Games

by Paul Marion on November 2, 2011

popular Facebook bingo gamesWe love covering all aspects of Bingo related topics for you here on and that includes social Facebook Bingo Games.

Bingo lovers today can play  on various mediums:

  1. Local Bingo Clubs
  2. Online Bingo Sites
  3. Mobile Bingo Games
  4. Facebook Bingo Games and other Social Networks

Though Facebook Bingo Games are not tied to any cash incentive like the other three types of games, it hasn’t stopped players from around the globe embracing these sticky and fun filled apps through Facebook.

Over the past three months, we’ve covered the popularity of Facebook Bingo Games here and with the start of the new month, we have updated our chart of the most popular bingo apps on Facebook including biggest movers and shakers.

Popular Facebook Bingo Games

RankGameOctober ActivitySeptember UsersGains From Month Before (-/+)Out of 5 Starts
1bingo blitzBingo Blitz2,512,9692,757,528-244,5594.6
2bingo islandBingo Island687,670 857,964-170,2944.6
3online bingoBINGO!431,527434,805-3,2784.0
4bingo by RyzingBingo by Ryzing198,007191,944+6,0634.9
5bingo bashBingo Bash
6bingo worldBingo World152,583194,950-42,3673.7
7bingo Bingo Game Point94,07895,971-1,8933.8
8big city bingoBig City Bingo85,992105,251-19,2594.8
9bingo fun partyBingo Fun Party52,50064,787-12,2874.9
10bingo adventureBingo Adventure40,00057,628-17,6284.7
11bingo explosionBingo Explosion 40,00051,782-11,7824.9

Zynga Bingo
Zynga Bingo
 will be coming soon and bingo lovers who are already familiar with other Zynga games are super excited about the launch of this new Facebook Bingo Game.

Zynga currently is the most popular social gaming developer on Facebook and all their games are the most popular in their categories. By entering the bingo world via the biggest social network, Zynga Bingo will most likely climb the popularity board.

For now, these are the most popular available games as of writing. Take our word for it, this list will be changed dramatically in the coming month.

In September, we saw Bingo Blitz the leader of the Facebook bingo games, double their player activity by a million. Though Bingo Blitz is still the most popular game on Facebook, it did lose some activity.
More apps also saw their activity reduce from the month before.

A new app called Bingo Bash which appeared for the first time in our leader board chart seems to be gaining huge momentum and popularity. Compared to all existing available bingo apps, they had the strongest popularity growth in October.

Another consistent and popular app is Bingo By Ryzing – not the sexiest names but they’re keeping their own inside the leader board charts and had another positive month.

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