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Top 7 No Deposit Bingo Offers from New UK Bingo Sites

by Paul Marion on September 16, 2011

Regardless of whether you are an online bingo pro or an online bingo newbie, chances are you’re going to want a little something for nothing when trying out a new UK bingo site. Which is where the no deposit bingo offer comes in. See, there is a difference between free bingo offers and no deposit bingo offers. Some sites – even established free bingo sites – will give you free to play games, but they come with a condition:

you have to be a paying member of the site to take part.

No deposit bingo

What No Deposit Bingo Means

So, put very simply: a no deposit bingo offer means that you don’t have to part with a penny to play an online bingo game. The way most sites go about no deposit bingo offers is that they will give you a certain amount of “bingo bonus” to get yourself started at the site. You can use on it the games, essentially making them free – but the money does come with conditions as to what you can win and draw out, and as a helpful aside, we’d definitely recommend checking the conditions before you sign up and take the money.

Before we tell you where you can get your mitts on this free bingo money, listen up for a little (but very important) history lesson. See, a couple of years ago the online bingo world was jammed full of no deposit bingo offers. Fast forward to today and a lot of these sites that pioneered the no deposit bingo movement have settled down and gone from being bingo newbies to established online bingo sites, meaning grabbing new players is far from the front of their minds.

In our experience, this is totally important to remember, as a no deposit bingo offer is often used to tempt players on board. So if you are looking for some no deposit bingo offers, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new bingo sites, as they are your best bet. Facebook is also a good option, and sometimes even established online bingo sites can surprise you with limited time no deposit bingo offers – but it’s up to you whether or not you play the waiting game on that one!

Now that bit of background is out of the way, let’s get to the nitty gritty – our top picks for the very best no deposit bingo offers.

Top 7 No Deposit Bingo Offers

Wonder Bingo – £5 free

We’ve chosen Wonder Bingo not only because they offer £5 free when you sign up, but also because they are one of the most social bingo sites out there. It’s like Facebook combined with bingo with the addition of £5 totally free – what’s not to like eh?!

City Bingo – £5 free

City Bingo have been going for a little while now, so we have a feeling their fab £5 no deposit bingo offer may well be coming to an end soon. Get in while the going is good, and stretch that free money even further thanks to 6 free bingo rooms on top of the usual pay to play games.

X Bingo – £5 Free

Like we said, new bingo sites are always a good bet for picking up a try before you buy offer – and xBingo are no exception. A great value bingo site that’s tipped for big things in 2011 and beyond, get in early and you can bag a fiver for free to welcome you through the door.

Sing Bingo – £10 free

Like City Bingo, we’re not sure how long Sing Bingo’s no deposit bingo offer is gonna last, and considering you can bag a free £10 just for signing up, it’s well worth taking a trip sooner rather than later. Once in, look out 24/7 free bingo games, alongside some rather cool music memorabilia games playing on a weekly basis.

Fancy Bingo – £5 Free

We are big fans of the relatively new Fancy Bingo, which offers up an oh-so-tempting array of 1p bingo games with some big cash prizes. With a £5 no deposit bonus when you sign up, that’s a massive 500 games of bingo on the house, which by our standards is some blooming great value.

Bingo on the Box – £15 Free

Bingo On the Box pull out the big guns when it comes to signing up new recruits, with the guys offering a huge £15 no deposit bonus when you join the club. That is a pretty big bonus, and more than enough to get you into the swing of things on the site.

Bingo Café

Bingo Café are an online bingo site with a bit of a difference, with the guys running on their own in house software that makes gaming a little bit different to the usual online bingo fare. And it’s not just software that’s done differently – Bingo Cage boast a great no deposit sign up scheme that gives you not only a tenner’s worth of free bingo games, but an additional 200 free slot spins.

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Thanks to Nerys for sharing her tips and suggestions with us here at Bingo HQ. Thank you.

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