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Top Online Bingo Winners From Today’s Best UK Bingo Sites

by Paul Marion on May 3, 2012

There might be well over 300 UK Bingo sites, but there are about 10 sites that offer life changing prizes. Then out of this elite group, about 5 frequently reward big wins. Today, we take a look at some of the biggest bingo prizes won in the past few weeks.

You’ll notice, Tombola as the only standalone site has once again celebrated more biggie winners then any other site. With popular and innovative games such as Cinco and the new Bingo 60, no body splashes big time prizes like them.

Online Bingo Winners

Top Online Bingo Winners

02-May-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
topaz 01£14,49801-May-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
bingojuliey£15,09712-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
kimbola64£13,12723-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
26-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
dontbetightgisawin£20,00024-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
toto245£20,00022-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
tommy rufc£20,00010-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
xlewconmiax£20,00009-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
loveu2bitsxx£20,00007-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
nana to 4£10,00028-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
jinty5151£10,00024-Apr-12 Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
betty22£10,00010-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
muskaansheraz£10,00010-Apr-12Tombolatombola bingo free bingo offer
Mrs S, Kent£7,94511-Apr-12Gala BingoGala Bingo
Mr V, Ayrshire£7,16220-Apr-12Gala BingoGala Bingo
Mrs C, Paisley£8,46828-Apr-12Gala BingoGala Bingo
Sharon M£28,108*17-Apr-12JackpotjoyPlay Jackpotjoy
Maria S£11,500*12-Apr-12JackpotjoyPlay Jackpotjoy
obearc£11,19614-Apr-12Paddy BingoPaddy Bingo - £20 Free Offer
rolorico£6,70002-Apr-12Paddy BingoPaddy Bingo - £20 Free Offer
fenhamrabbit £85,834*23-Mar-12Will Hill BingoWilliam Hill
TYTYAMIRACLE£44,920*13-Mar-12Will Hill BingoWilliam Hill
washee£116,378*12-Mar-12Will Hill BingoWilliam Hill

* win came from playing slots

From the list above, here are some few take aways:

  • For the best odds of winning biggie prizes, Tombola is the #1 choice
  • For those rare but life changing prizes, Jackpot Joy seems to be your best pick
  • For a variety of mixed prizes, Gala leads the way such as with their upcoming £100,000 Weekend Special

Your Turn

What do you think of the prizes on the above list? Do you think you have a chance to be the next big winner? Let us know in the comment box below for your chance to win £50 to play at your favourite UK bingo site.


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